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- molarity

- molality

-percentage composition

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Does a dilute solution contain large amounts of solute?

No. A dilute contains a small amount of solute relative to the solvent.

What are the three factors affecting how a given amount of solute will dissolve in a given amount of solvent?

The factors effecting the creation of a solution are: temperature, pressure. and the amounts and relative natures of the solute and solvent.

What is relative viscosity?

Relative viscosity is defined as ratio of viscosity of solution to that of a pure solvent.

How do you make 10 percent solution from 20 percent solution?

Add an equal amounts of solvent and 20% solution together

What hypertonic means to illustrate equilibrium?

Hypertonic is when you have a high concentration of solute relative to the solvent. For example, salt water is a hypertonic solution with vast amounts of sodium, chlorine, potassium, and iodine dissolved in water.

A solution containing large amounts of solute in comparison to solvent is what?

A solution that contains a large amount of solute when compared to the volume of the solvent is called a concentrated solution. Examples of concentrated solutions are hydrochloric acid and sulfuric acid. A dilute solution is one where the amount of solute is small compared to the solvent.

Is concentration a measure of the volume of a solution?

No. It refers to the relative volumes of solute to solvent, not the physical amount.

What units are used to express the solubility of a substance?

grams of solution / grams/mL of water (solvent)

What is solutes saltwater solution?

In a solution of salt water, water is the solvent and salt is the solute. The substance in smaller amounts is called the solute.

How ostwald and walker method can be used to find out molecular weight?

A strem of dry air is bubbled through the solution & solvent from the loss in weight of solvent & solution the relative loweing of vapour pressure calculated. From relative lowering of vapour pressure molecular weight is calculated. anupama

What is relative solubility?

Solubility is the ability of a solute to dissolve in a solvent in order to form a homogeneous solution. Relative solubility refers to the solubility of different substances.

What does it mean to say a solution is hypertonic?

A hypertonic solution is one that has a greater concentration of solute than solvent Or it is one that has a higher concentration of solute relative to another solution

Do dilute solutions contain a large amount of solute for a certain volume of solvent?

Dilute solution contain small amounts of solute for a certain volume of solvent.

What is a solvent in a solution?

The solvent is the substance that dissolves another in a solution

What is the solvent in an aqueous solution?

The solvent in an aqueous solution is water.

What is the role of a solvent in a solution?

A solvent is the what you add to the solution and the solute is the liquid already in the solution.

What is the relationship between solvent and solution?

A solution contain the solvent and the solute (the substance dissolved in the solvent).

Does solute include solution and solvent?

No, but a solution includes solute and solvent. The solute is the substance to be dissolved and when added to a solvent, it produces a solution.

Which part of a solution does the dissolving?

The solvent and the solvent dissolves the solute in a solution

What is the solvent in a aqueous solution?

For an aqueous solution the solvent is water - H2O.

Solution and solvent in salt water?

The solvent is water, the solute is salt; solvent and solute form a solution.

Which is the solvent in a solution?

The solvent is the substance which dissolve the solute; for a sugar solution water is the solvent and sugar the solute.

Does the solvent make up the larger part or the smaller part of a solution?

A solution is composed of a solvent and solute. A solute is disolved in the solvent. Therefore, the solvent is the larger part of a solution.

What is a solution What is a solute What is a solvent?

Solute is the substance dissolved in a solvent.Solvent is a liquid able to dissolve a solute.Solution is the mixture of solvent and solute.

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