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That depends I have a toy chihuahua and she was ready at 7 months. I had another one and she was ready in 10 months. So It all depends.

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How many weeks does it take for a miniature dachshund to have pups?

The average pregnancy from time of intercourse is 9 weeks.

How long does it take dogs to have pups?

around 13 weeks

How long does it take for a chihuahua to deliver puppies?

it depends on the dog and size of pups and dogs age iv had them take a hour or 2 or 7 hours

When is the best time to take pups from there mother?

The best time to take pups away from their mother is 8 or 9 weeks.They shouldn`t be taken away until they are 8 weeks.

How long does it take for a chihuahua puppy to open their eyes?

2 weeks half open 2 weeks 5 days fully open

Will your gerbils mate while raising their litter of pups?

they will if you don't take the male gerbil out of the cage after around less than a two weeks because if they mate after the female gerbil has her pups than they will mate again and she will not take care of the first litter of pups.

How mank weeks does it take to poty train a chawawa?

a chihuahua needs to get used to the pad or newspaper or whatever it uses to do its buisness on. Guide your chihuahua to the pad and it will eventually get used to the cycle.

How many people will choose a chihuahua?

. Many people will choose a chihuahua because there easy to take care of and they have a rich history, so many people will choose chihuahua but they are from $300 - $500 dollars.

How can you tell if your chihuahua is pregnant?

You have to wait about six weeks and then her abdomen will begin to swell. You can also take her to the vet and they can tell you.

How can you tell a chihuahua is pregnant?

You have to wait about six weeks and then her abdomen will begin to swell. You can also take her to the vet and they can tell you.

In pomerianian pups how long does it take eyes to open?

About 6 weeks i would say but I'm only 11!

How do you take your chihuahua to Mexico?

You can take your chihuahua to Mexico by plane or car.

How many days does it take for a chihuahua to be born?

Depends on the Chihuahhua

Wolfquest 2 do your pups grow up?

Yes, they start off at 6 weeks but it does take a long time for them to grow. You must train them first and take them to diffrent dens to spend the summer. you must feed your pups and keep them safe from grizzles..

How long does it take cocker spaniel puppies to open their eyes?

Well, on average, newborn pups open their eyes at about 2 weeks.

How many days will it wait before you can stud a female chihuahua?

It will take more than 30,000 days to stud a female chihuahua.

How long does it take for a chihuahua to get pregnant?

about 3 weeks, after breeding, and while on your 3rd week you can check if shes really pregnate by looking at her teets or her stomach. and if she has ANY of these signs shes probally pregante. also while ur dog is pregnate YOU SHOULD ALWAYS FEED THE DOG PUPPIE FOOD for heathly pups.

How maNY WEEKS before taking my newborn pittbull puppies?

Many state laws require it be a minimum of 6 weeks, which is a good rule of thumb. WHEN partially depends on the breeder. Always take home pups that have been fully weened and are on solid food. Keep in mind that their food needs to be regulated as they mature: more protein as pups or hard working dogs, less as they become more sedate.

How long for pups to be born?

A dog is pregnant for 9 weeks (63 days) from the date of the first mating, give or take a few days.

How long does it take for a jack russle to have pupes?

about 60 to 70 days until they have there pups. And it usually take a good 4 to 9 hours for the dog to have her pups depending on how big they are and how many she has.

How many weeks would it take to lose 33.8 pounds in 24 weeks if you weighed 338 pounds?

How many weeks would it take in 24 weeks?? I think I see the answer...

How long does it take for a pup to grow in its mothers uterus?

For a dog, it takes a pup eight weeks to grow in its mother's uterus. For shark pups it can take up to 18 to 24 months.

How many weeks dog take care of its young ones?

1 Most dogs stop nursing their puppies when they are about 7-8 weeks old, because they are usually able to eat dry food by then. They normally will continue to watch after their pups until they are taken away for the mother.

Can you take a puppy away from mom at 5 weeks?

Pups shouldn't be taken from the mom until they're fully weaned and socialised, which happens around six to ten weeks. Puppies should never leave their mothers and littermates at five weeks.

How old is a Weddell Sealpup when it goes for its first swim?

Weddell seal pups are only about one to two weeks old when they take their first swim. The pup usually stays with its mother for the first few weeks.