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It depends on the size of the LCD Panel and the audio power on the LCD TV.

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There are many brands of LCD TV's out there one of the highest rated is AOC, Colby, Dynex and Epson.

Sharp is the first compnay to use lcd in TVs

No they use less. Plasma tv use much more then CCFl LCD or LED LCD. offers reviews of many LCD TVs. The best option depends on what you are looking for in a TV. Size, amount of use and what you watch on TV can all lead you in different directions when picking a TV.

Plasma screen televisions tend to operate more efficiently than lcd televisions. This means that the device will not heat up as much as lcd televisions, which is good because heat can lead to equipment damage.

I am not sure what you mean by "best mark" in the market. Their are many different brands that sell LCD TVs at different qualities has reviews of many different LCD TVs.

Your lcd can be used as your pc monitor by a simple cable usually DVI to HMDI cable. Many gamers use lcd tvs for better game play. You can also hook your pc up to your LCD tv to play movies and tv shows.

yes, use the video out from the vcr and use the video in on the lcd

An LCD TV with a traditional flourescent backlight uses about 110 watts of power. A LED backlit LCD TV uses about 85 watts of power in the 32-inch size.

LCD stands for Liquid Cristal Display. It's the type of TV screen they use, as opposed to old tube screens of old days.

The size of a television helps determine how many amps it takes to run the device. The amps will vary depending on the type of television as well as the size. Older televisions that are not LCD will use different amps than the LCD models.

Czech Republic - LCD TVs. Hungary - LCD TVs, Plasma TVs, LCD Displays. Romania - LCD Displays. Slovakia - LCD Displays, Home Cinema, Blu-ray Players. Slovenia - Plasma TVs.

Depends on the size of the TV. Between 50 to 150 watts is average.

The primary difference between plasma and LCD television sets is that plasma TVs use florescent bulbs and gas to reflect a image, whereas LCD TVs use crystals and laser beams to reflect an image.

Yes, you can use a wall mount for your LCD TV. It will give your home more of a newer feel when you have it mounted!

How big is the plant? Does it specialise in LCD TVs? How much of a budget does it have?

These days there are many cheap LCD televisions available on the market, so it is not difficult to find a good cheap LCD TV. To see which bands are the best, have a look at this Cheap LCD TVs Buying Guide:

The jvc 42 LT42PM30 lcd tv has 60 hertz.

Yes, you can indeed use your lcd monitor with your home computer. It is very popular.

Depends on the size TV, if it is LCD, LED, or Plasma. They range from 100 to 300 watts.

About 40 watts which is much lower than the old CRT type TVs.

TV = Television LCD= Lichid Crystal Display

LCD TV is better because plasma TVs use certain gas cells to produce the image and the TV can make the room feel like a furnace in just a few minutes, depending on the surroundings. LCD TVs take forever to get that hot.

There are many places to purchase an LCD television. One of these is best buy. They offer great customer service in picking out the right TV for you.

Same thing except LCD TVs are televisions by themselves while LCD monitors can serve as either a television OR a computer monitor.