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How many wifes did sam Houston have?

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Sam Houston has three wifes in his lifetime. One was a 19-year-old girl, whom he divorced with after finding out she was forced to marry him, and a Cherokee wife, and another wife.

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How many brothers did Sam Houston have?

Sam Houston was the fifth of five sons.

How many kids did sam houston have?


Facts about sam Houston?

Houston is named after Sam Houston

How many sisters did Sam Houston have?

Sam Houston, President of the Republic of Texas, had four sisters and four brothers.

Was sam Houston named after Houston?

no vice versa Houston was named after sam Houston

How many siblings does Sam Houston have?


What are some interesting facts about Sam Houston?

Houston was nicknamed after Sam Houston.

Was Sam Houston a founder of Sam Houston State University?

He was not.

How many soldiers did Houston lead?

Sam Houston may have had as many as 910 troops at San Jacinto.

How many children did Sam Houston have?

8 kids

What domestic policies did Sam Houston face while in office the first term?

Sam Houston, during his first term in office, faced the securing of the borders. Sam Houston also had to face many financial policies.

What inpact did sam Houston have on Houston?

with out Sam Houston Texas wouled still be appart of Mexico

Which college is better Sam Houston State or Art institute of Houston?

Sam Houston State

Why is Sam Houston important?

Sam Houston gave Texas its independence.

A sentence on Sam Houston?

Consider: "Sam Houston was an honest man".

How tall is sam Houston?

sam Houston is 3000 merters tall

Was Sam Houston African American?

No, Sam Houston WAS not African-American.

What is Dale Earnhardt's wifes name?

dale Earnhardt sr.'s wifes name is tereasa Houston

How many children did Sam Houston Jr have?

He was a hoe and had many children

Was William Houston related to Gen Sam Houston?

William Rogers Houston was Sam Houston's son.

How many graves are in Fort Sam Houston?

By the end of 2008 there had been 120,982 burials at Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery in San Antonio.

When was Sam Houston born?

Sam Houston was born on March 2, 1793.

When was Sam Houston Johnson born?

Sam Houston Johnson was born in 1914.

When did Sam Houston Johnson die?

Sam Houston Johnson died in 1978.

Why did Sam Houston go to the Alamo?

Sam Houston fought in the Alamo for Independence.

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