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How many wild cats are in the world?


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There are 36 species of wild cats in the world.


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There are 41 species of wild cats in the world.

There are 41 species of wild cats in the world.

Scientists have documented 36 species of wild cats in the world.

no one knows how many wild cats there are in the world because there are more being discovered every day so really there will never be and exact number to know

There are over 100 types of cats in the world. (If you include cats that are wild) if you want me to name them all, then forget it! ;3 CATS RULE!!!

the main predator of the world is Big foot

I think there are more house cats. -Annabelle

Many wild cats like tigers are.

Cats live in almost every part of the world where there are people, besides polar reigions, plus many forests in the wild all over the world.

Many spotted cats are kept as pets and their is alot of them still left in the wild

There are 36 species of wild cats. Wild cats can be found on all continents except Antarctica and Australia. Australia does have some cat-like marsupials, however.

It can be estimated to at least 2 billion cats in the world, but this number could be exremely way off but There are over 85 million house cats in North America.

there are many, many types of cats, domesticated and wild ones, wonderful animals!!!!!

There are 36 species of wild cats and one species of domestic cat.

yes wild cats are as fastidious as house cats

there is your grandmas cat and wild cats there is your grandmas cat and wild cats

Yes wild cats are more common.

Africa has the greatest variety and number of wild cats. South America also has a large number of wild cat species.

Yes, wild cats do hunt rabbits. On many occasions, a cat will hunt the baby rabbits for food.

Cats have fangs because domestic cats were bred out of wild cats. Wild cats hunt and their fangs help them do it.

Well, they both hve the same characteristics. It depends if you mean just wild cats or like wild wild cats like lions and tigers and stuff. Just wild cats are about a quarter of a metre longer and wild cats like lions and stuff are way larger and stronger. Does that answer your question?

Theres hundreds of kinds of cats. There are pure breed cats and mixed breed. Plus there are not only domestic cat breeds, there are wild cats such as the lion, tiger, puma, etc.

i am not sure about wild cats, but there are about 100 types of domesticated cats, maybe even more.

The wild cats are the biggest cats. The biggest type of wild cat is the Siberian Tiger. Which is the biggest also of all the tigers.

It is very unlikely. The modern wild cat is thought to have evolved from African wild cats, European wild cats and Asiatic desert cats. This would suggest a pattern of stripes or spots as the earliest domestic cat.

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