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How many women are still fertal enough to get pregnant after a month without birth control?


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About 90% of women can get pregnant after a month without birth control.

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depends. if ur weding night is right before you period then the risk is much higher than if it is right after your period. The accual bleeding when you have your period is your body getting rid of all the tissue and blood build up in your uterus that is there to prepare to cusion the embryo if one of your eggs were to be fertalized; therefore, you are most fertal right before your period and less fertal right after. for about a week before your period you are fertal, but sperm can live for 3-5 days inside your body, so if you have sex between 1-10 days before your period then you are likely to get pregnant. More Info: Agree with the above and add this tidbit of information as well: You can get pregnant: * before your period * during your period * after your period * on your honeymoon * if you are a virgin * if you are not a virgin * period These are the medically proven facts about pregnancy.

A woman's most fertile time is around day 14 of her menstrual cycle.

If you have a 28 day cycle, then yes, your cycle day 14 would be your most fertile day. Day one of your cycle is the first day of your period.

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To get pregnant after removal of the contraceptive implant, just have sex without birth control.

Dont have sex! or use birth control....

If you take your birth control correctly you should not get pregnant. Only if you take a ton of sperm and rub in you could you get possibly pregnant, but not while on bc.

If you have sex without using some kind of birth control, then you'll get pregnant. It doesn't happen EVERY time, but if you continue to have sex without using some form of birth control, you WILL get pregnant. Use a condom. Every time, until you WANT to get pregnant.

No its not because if you miss a day it s very likely for you to become pregnant so no birth control is not enough to prevent pregnancy

Yes but you dont get pregnant on your period even without birth control.

You get pregnant after stopping the contraceptive implant by having sex without other birth control.

With or without protection you can still become pregnant.

its either, you're pregnant or menopause. -samishiyoru

I've seen this question around and I have already answered it once today and I wonder where this comes from. Of course birth control does not make it easier to get pregnant! Birth control prevents ovulation and you can not get pregnant without a egg. in order to get pregnant you have to quit using any type of birth control. And yes, birth control is not 100% effective but not using it is 0% effective. It never helps you getpregnant!

The chances are slim but birth control can never be 100 percent trusted especially if you are new to it. Chances are your not pregnant.

Some women can become pregnant after one act of intercourse, but some try many times without becoming pregnant.

I had seax last weekend and I'm pregnant!!

Of 100 couples having sex without using any form of birth control for a year, 85 will get pregnant that year.

Just like married people -- they have sex without using birth control or their birth control fails.

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