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Q: How many women participated in the 2004 Olympic Games?
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How many countries participated in Olympic Tae Kwon Do events in 2004 and 2008?

Sixty (60) countries participated in the taekwondo events at the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens, and sixty-four (64) countries participated in the taekwondo events at the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing.

When were women first allowed to compete in olympic wrestling?

2004 Games in Athens. Women participated in freestyle wrestling at the flyweight, lightweight, middleweight, and heavyweight classes.

In which olympic games were misty may in?

misty may has participated in the 2000 games that were in Sydney, Australia also in the 2004 games the were in Athens, Greece and in the 2008 Olympic games that were in Beijing ,china

Who is an Australian famous gymnast in the Olympics?

Allana Slater was a gymnast who participated in the 2000 Sydney Olympics and also 2004 Olympic games in Athens and came 8th on the balance beam at the 2004 games.

At how many Olympics did alexandre despatie participated?

Diver Alexandre Despatie of Canada has competed in three Olympic Games (2000, 2004, 2008). He has won 2 silver medals in Olympic competition, both in men's springboard diving at the 2004 and 2008 Games.

How many athletes participate in the Olympic games from all over the world?

10,625 athletes participated in the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens. 2,508 athletes participated in the 2006 Winter Olympics in Turin.

Olympic events participated by Zimbabwe?

As of May 22, 2008, the 2008 Zimbabwe Olympic team has not yet been announced. At the 2004 Games, Zimbabwe competed in athletics, shooting, swimming, and tennis.

What countries participated in 2004 Olympic swimming events?

all of the countries that were in Beijing i guess,

How many participated in the 2005 Olympics?

No one participated in the 2005 Olympics as there were no Olympic Games that year. The Olympics only occur during even-numbered years every 2 years (2004, 2006, 2008, etc.), alternating between the Summer and Winter Games.

Who hosted Olympic 2004?

The 2004 Summer Olympic Games was hosted by Athens, Greece.

Why was it important that the 2004 Olympic Games take place in Athens?

That is where the Olympic Games started.

Who is the fastest breastroke swimmer in the Olympic Games 100m?

Olympic records in the 100 meter breaststroke as of the 2008 Games in Beijing: Men: Brendan Hansen, United States - 1:00.01 at the 2004 Games in Athens Women: Xuejuan Luo, China - 1:06.64 at the 2004 Games in Athens

Where were the 2004 olympic games held?

The 2004 Summer Olympic Games were held in Athens, Greece.The 2004 Olympics were held in Athens, Greece.Athens, Greece.Athens, Greece.The 2004 Summer Olympic Games were held in Athens, Greece.Athens, Greece.

What are facts about Ian Thorpe?

He has won gold medels in the Olympic games in 2000 games and 2004 Olympic games.

How many men and women competed in the 2004 Summer Olympic Games?

In the 2004 Athens Summer Olympics, 6296 men and 4329 women competed, for a total of 10625 participating athletes from 201 countries.

In how many Olympic Games has the Indian tennis player Leander Paes participated?

The 2008 Games in Beijing will be Leander Paes' fourth Olympics (1996, 2000, 2004). He won the bronze medal in men's singles at the 1996 Games in Atlanta.

When were the olympic games held in 2004?


Olympic games Athens 2004?


Where did luge start?

the 2004 olympic games

How many different events were held at the 2004 Summer Olympic Games?

301 events in 28 sports were held at the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens.

Why did they not have the 2004 Olympics?

The 2004 Olympic Games were held in Athens, Greece

Where was the 2004 oympics?

the 2004 Summer Olympic Games was held on August 13, 2004 at the Olympic Stadium in Maroussi, Greece, a suburb of Athens

What materials are in olympic medals in 2004 Athens?

HELP me women

Who is person thay won the gold medal for the soccer 2004 olympic games?

Olympic games soccer is not won by a person, but by a national team. In 2004 it was Argentina.

How many olympic games has Tim cuddihy competed in?

In the 2004 Athen's Olympics In the 2004 Athen's Olympics In the 2004 Athen's Olympics For all we know, Tim Cuddihy competed in the 2004 Athens Olympic Games.