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Q: How many women were characters in tropic thunder?
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How many awards has Robert downey jr gotten?

He has not won any (surprisingly), but he has been nominated for his roles in Chaplin and Tropic Thunder.

What are the pros and cons of the movie Tropic Thunder?

Pros: Tropic thunder is a hilarious movie with a star filled cast and some good cameos. It's story is original and it is the perfect length for it not to drag on or be too short. Cons: Many times the movie can get silly and somewhat unbelievable, many of the jokes lacking in quality. Overall Tropic Thunder is a great movie, but the main drawback is the style of comedy. The comedy is not for everyone, but is still very good. Other than the form of the jokes, this movie is definitely worth a watch

How many movies does Adam Sandler play in?

Jack and Jill, Eight Crazy Nights,Bedtime Stories, Sandlot,and Tropic Thunder are all I know

How many Oscar nominations does Robert Downey Jr have?

He was nominated twice: Best Actor for Chaplin (1992) and Best Supporting Actor for Tropic Thunder (2008).

Who is wolf x thunder?

Wolf x thunder is a character created by Akeem Rollox. He is the husband of Blair thunder, the brother of Kri thunder, the father of Blaze thunder and Cillenna thunder and friends with many sonic characters. He and his brother are immortal and is wife and kids are semi-immortal meaning they die and come back. So this is a everlasting family.

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How many of the US are above the tropic the tropic of Capricorn?

All of them.

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How many pages does Tropic Moon have?

Tropic Moon has 133 pages.

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