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How many words are in the First Amendment to the US Constitution?

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It's 45 words, you can read as below:

Amendment I "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances."

This opening amendment was the basis for all the freedom and democracy exists in the US. In a brief paragraph, a totally new type of government was formed.

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How many amendment to the constitution have been repealed?

Only one amendment, the Eighteenth, has been repealed, by the Twenty First.

How many amendment does the constitution have?

27. The first ten are known as the Bill of Rights. The last amendment was added in 1992.

In the first amendment how many words were written?

45 words in all :)

How many words are in the First Amendment?

45 wordsThere are Forty-five words total.

How many amendment to constitution part of the bill of rights?

First 10 amendments are the Bill of Rights.

The first amendment was passed in what year?

In 1789, the same year the Constitution was made. The 1st amendment is in the Bill of Rights, and many states refused to even ratify the Constitution until the Bill of Rights was added.

How many amendment do the constitution have?

27 Amendments

How many amendment on the constitution?

27 amendments

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How many amendment in India constitution?


How many amendment are in constitution?

There are 27 amendments.

How many words are in the first amentment?

Zero. There is not a "first amentment" to the US Constitution.

How many amendments in constitution of India?

how many amendments are there in Indian constitution? what was the last amendment passed?

In the Constitution of 1787 - the unamended document - how many times do the words slave and slavery appear?

never...slavery 1st appeared in the constitution in the 13th amendment

How many admements are there in the constitution?

There are 27 changes to the amendment.

How many admenments are in the constitution?

there are 27. The first ten are known as the Bill of Rights. The last amendment was added 27. The first ten are known as the Bill of Rights. The last amendment was added in 1992.

How many amendment till 2010 in Indian constitution?

114th amendment till September 2010

How many amendment in Indian constitution?

There are 94 amendments in the Indian Constitution as of 2009. Jai Hind

How many amdenments is in your constitution?

It is spelled amendment. And there are 27 total.

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Can religion be outlawed in the US?

Not unless the first amendment to the Constitution is abolished. Under the First Amendment of the Constitution, it cannot technically be outlawed. Many religions have been portrayed by the media and others to be violent, overly conservative, brutal, and many other traits that lead people to see many religions in ways they are not. Religion cannot be outlawed, but it can certainly be misunderstood and discouraged.

What did the ninth amendment grant?

the 9th amendment granted "says the people have many rights that are not stated in the Constitution.

How many changes or amendment are there of the constitution?

There are 27 Amendments, and 26 changes. Why? Because the 21st amendment repealed the 18th, so the 18th is no longer a change to the constitution