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It's not possible to count the words in any language, because there is no universal definition of what a word is. But most estimates place the number between 40,000 and 160,000words (which is the same range for almost all other languages).

Note: English is an exception. It has the largest number of words of any language in the world, estimated at 170,000 to 250,000 words. No language has more words than English.

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Fewer than 100,000.

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Q: How many words are there in the Haitian creole language?
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How many people in Haiti speak Haitian Creole?

Approximately 95% of the population of Haiti speaks Haitian Creole as either a first or second language.

What languages make up the Haitian creole language?

Haitian Creole is mainly based on 18th Century colonial French, and African languages from the Fon family.There are also many elements from Arabic, Spanish, Taíno, Arawak and English.

What languages are spoken in Haiti?

The official language is French (spoken by the government and small portions of the business world). Approximately 95% of the population speak Haitian Creole, which is a blend of French, Spanish,Answer:French is one of the two official languages in Haiti. The other (more popular) is Haitian creole. Creoles are generally based on a European tongue, in this case French, with a significant overlay of another language's vocabulary, pronunciation and word order. The changes make the creole almost unintelligible to speakers of Parisien French This is not unique to Haiti even Canadian French has joual.AnswerWhat other countries speak is important to know, especially if one is going to travel or speak to someone from that country. The National language of Haiti is French Creole and French Haiti they speak either Kreyol or French but mostly Kreyol.Most Haitians speak French. Haiti was also the nations first black republic. Haiti was born out of desperate struggle for freedom. Haiti lies on the western third of the island of Hispaniola. Haiti was once a colony of France. The worst president of Haiti was named Francois Duvalier. He took power in 1957. The Capitol of Haiti is Port-au-Prince. It is pronounced Pawrt on Prans. Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. Two thirds of people in Haiti struggle to make a living. Most people can not afford decent homes in Haiti. Haiti's neighborhoods are VERY dirty. Many people in Haiti will still be poor in the future.In Haiti, the people mostly speak French and Haitian Creole. Of course there are many visitors who speak many other languages, but French and Haitian Creole are the main two languages.Haiti has two official languages, French and Creole. Some Haitians are able to speak English, Spanish and other languages.The official languages of Haiti are French and Haitian Creole. About 95% of the population speak only Haitian Creole, a creole language based on 18th century French with influences from Portuguese, Spanish, Taíno, and West African languagesThe official languages in Haiti are French and Haitian Creole, a French based-creole, which is virtually spoken by everybody. English can be found spoken in some parts, as a result of tourism rising over the years (mostly from the United States). Spanish can also be found the border of the Dominican Republic. A significant amount speak it. Mostly among the border towns and northern Haiti. Many Haitians who lived in the Dominican Republic moved back to Haiti, still speak Spanish.The official languages of Haiti are French and Haitian Creole, a creole language based largely on 18th-century French with influences from Portuguese, Spanish, Taíno, and West African languages.The Haitian language is called: Creole, which is the language speaks by all Haitians. However, the Haitian official language is French. Some Haitians speak both languages (French and Creole) fluently while the less educated speak only creole.frenchThere are two official languages: French and Creole. Creole formed as a mixture of various African languages and French.French and Haitian Creole are the main languages in Haiti. While French is the main language of the government, major commerce, the media, and education, the mother tongue of nearly all Haitians is Haitian Creole. This language is a mix between French and several African languages that developed early in Haiti's colonial history. While 100% of Haitians speak and understand Haitian Creole, less than half are proficient in French. This is because children learn to speak French because it is the medium used in schools, but sadly in Haiti not all children attend school for more than a few years and therefore either do not completely obtain fluency in the language or they forget what they have learned after they stop attending school.French is the official language of Haiti however; the citizens of Haiti primiarily speak Haitian Creole (Kreyol).According to the Encyclopedia Britannica, Haiti has two official languages: French and Haitian Creole.French is mostly spoken by the government and small portions of the business world, whereas approximately 95% of the population speak Haitian Creole - a blend of French, Spanish, Portuguese, English, and some African languages.The main language spoken in Haiti is Creole, a mixture of french, african, and a few other European languages. french is also spoken there, as well as Spanish.The official language of Haiti is French. In mainstream population though, people use Creole French and not the mainland French variety.Haiti has two official languages, French and Haitian Creole.frenchTheir main languages are French and Creole. :)))French and Creole, but also English.The two languages spoken in Haiti are French and Hatian Creole French.French and Haitian creole.Haitian people speak the language of Creole.

What are the characteristics of Creole architecture?

There is no such thing as "Creole" architecture. There are many Creole languages in the world, and one must first identify what is meant by "Creole" (e.g. Jamaican Creole, Gullah, Haitian Creole, etc.) before an architectural type can be attributed to it.

What language do sicilian people speak?

Sicilians speak Sicilian, and most also know standard Italian. The difference between the Sicilian language, and Italian language is similar to the difference between French and Haitian Creole. There are also many different dialects within the Sicilian language.

Is creole the same as Haitian?

The question is too broad and the answer above is too exclusive. The term Creole is used on many contienents to denote many things. It's important, first to determine whether or not the poser is asking about, for ex. Haitian Creole vs. Louisiana Creoles.If that is the case, then the answer isn't really correct.Louisiana Creoles are a cultural group in Louisiana who speak Louisiana Creole, Louisiana French, and Louisiana Spanish in some cases.While most Haitians identify as Haitian, I've met some who simultaneously identify as Creole as well. I think that that depends on the region of Haiti where they are from. It is also incorrect to say that Haitian is the "ethnicity" of the people. Haiti is filled with people of different "ethnicities". That's like saying "American" is an ethnicity or Louisiana is.Answer:There are more than 500 different living Creoles in the world. They generally fall into the following Categories:Arabic-based creole languagesChinese-based creole languagesDutch-based creole languagesEnglish-based creole languagesFrench-based creole languagesGerman-based creole languagesMalay-based creole languagesNgbandi-based creole languagesPortuguese-based creole languagesSpanish-based creole languagesHaitian Creole is a French-based creole.

Is gabrielle union Haitian or not?

No, she's not. She's from Omaha, Nebraska, and her family had been there for many generations. Now, she might be creole, though(family from Louisiana creole culture).

What is Morisien?

Mauritian Creole or Morisien is a French-based creolelanguage spoken in Mauritius. In addition to the French base of the language, there are also a number of words from English and from the many African and South Asian languages that have been spoken on the island.

Is Quebecois French a dialect of Haitian French?

Both Quebecois and Haitian creole derive from French, but they evolved separately. The Haitian strand has been influenced by the language and pronounciation of slaves, while Canadian French could be related more to 17-century French, keeping to this day many French words that were lost in mainland French. For us (mainland) French, we don't consider Canadian French as a dialect but just as (a good) French language, in the same way we would for other regional variations.

Is Beyonce Haitian?

No, she is a Louisiana Creole. Although her parents are not from Haiti, she may have some Haitian ancestry. After the Haitian Revolution (1791-1804), many Creoles from Saint-Domingue (Haiti) fled to settle in the Louisiana territory doubling its then population.

What does sang fezi mean?

it means to have no haitian-creole...language in Haiti...i like to call it broken down of many occupiers of that island Hispanola ...

What language is creole?

Creole is a kind of language and not just one specific language. In the southern US, some speak a language that is a blending of English and the Canadian (Cajun) French that was brought down many decades ago. It is the blending of two or more languages that make a creole.

How do you say we in Creole?

It depends what type of creole you want "we" to be translated in.. There are many different kind of creoles.. There is the haiti creole, seychelles creole, mauritian creole, and many many more. Most creoles do sound familiar with each other and some words means the same. For example,the mauritian creole and the sychelles creole are like proper familiar.. Most of the words are similar except a few minor ones.. So if mauritians went to sychelles, they could actually communicate with the people there by talking creole.. No need to know another language to communicate with them.. Btw, "we"in both seychelle creole and mautian creole is "nu".. It is pronounced like the french word "nous" which also means we..

How do you say good eating in Creole or french?

In French, it is Bon Appétit.However, there are many French-based creole languages. If you want to know the translation into one of these languages, you'd have to be more specific. Here is a list of French-based Creoles:Antillean Creole French, French-based creole spoken in the French West IndiesHaitian Creole, French-based, an official language of HaitiLouisiana Creole French, spoken in LouisianaMauritian Creole, French-based, spoken in MauritiusSeychellois Creole, French-based, spoken in the Seychelles

How do you say Many blessings with you in Creole?

There's actually no such language as "Creole". The word creole refers to a type of language that results from the combination of two completely different parent languages. There are more than 100 different creolized languages in the world, so you would have to specify which one you're talking about.If you're not sure, here is a list of the most commonly spoken Creoles in the world (one of them is even an official language):Louisiana Creole French, spoken in LouisianaBelizean Kriol language, spoken in BelizeHaitian Creole language, French-based, an official language of HaitiMauritian Creole, French-based, spoken in MauritiusCape Verdean Creole, spoken on the islands of Cape VerdeKrio Dayak language, spoken by Krio Dayak people in West Kalimantan, IndonesiaLiberian Kreyol language, spoken in LiberiaSeychellois Creole, French-based, spoken in the SeychellesGuinea-Bissau Creole, spoken in Guinea-BissauNegerhollands, a Dutch-based creole, once spoken in the U.S. Virgin IslandsBislama, an English-based creole, spoken in VanuatuLlanito, a Spanish- and English-based creole, spoken in GibraltarBajan or Barbadian Creole, English-based, spoken in BarbadosAntillean Creole or Créole Martiniquais, French-based, spoken in the Lesser AntillesTok Pisin, an official language of Papua New GuineaTorres Strait Creole or Brokan, spoken in Far-North-East Australia, Torres Strait, and South-West PapuaPatois, French based, spoken in Saint LuciaNagamese creole, based on Assamese, used in in Nagaland, India

How many people in Haiti speak English?

Although creole and French are the main language in Haiti many Haitian do speak English, Spanish etc..

How many African countries that speak creole?

Three African countries have a substantial percentage of their population speak a creole language. Guinea-Bisseau Creole is based on Portuguese, and Liberia and Sierra Leone have English-based creole languages.

Why is Creole not an official language?

I'm assuming you're referring to Louisiana Creole, and not creoles in general (there are quite a few of them, and you can turn any combination of languages you'd like into a creole). First off, the United States doesn't have an official language, and if they said Creole was, it would mean that was the official language of the *entire country*. Other than that, I'd say it's because Creole doesn't have that many native speakers, but I think the complete lack of official language in the US is more the issue.

Where are creoles spoken?

Many people think Creole language is a single language or "broken English". It's actually a category of very real languages with native speakers, developed from a mixture of different languages at a sudden point in time. Creoles often form from pidgins, which are language mixtures that have no native speakers.Creoles differ from pidgins in that, while a pidgin has a highly simplified linguistic structure that develops as a means of establishing communication between two or more disparate language groups, a creole language is more complex, used for day-to-day purposes in a community, and acquired by children as a native language.The total number of creoles in the world are unknown, but are less than 100, and most are endangered.Here is a list of 48 of the more common creole languages, along with the countries they're spoken in:Arabic Based Creole LanguagesNubi (Sudan, Kenya and Uganda)Juba Arabic (South Sudan)Babalia Creole Arabic (23 villages of the Chari-Baguirmi Prefecture in southwestern Chad)Maltese (Malta)English Based Creole LanguagesBahamian Creole, The BahamasBajan Creole or Barbadian Creole, BarbadosBelizean Creole, BelizeBislama, VanuatuGullah language, coastal region of North and South Carolina, Georgia and northeast FloridaGuyanese Creole, GuyanaHawaiian Creole or Pidgin, a mixture of Native Hawaiian and American EnglishKrio, spoken throughout the West African nation of Sierra LeoneLiberian Kreyol language, LiberiaNigerian Creole, (creole or pidgin), NigeriaPitkern, English dialect spoken on the Pitcairn Islands and Norfolk IslandsManglish, MalaysiaSinglish, SingaporeTok Pisin, an official language of Papua New GuineaTorres Strait Creole or Brokan, northeastern Australia, Torres Strait, and southwest PapuaTrinidadian Creole, TrinidadSranan Tongo, (bridge language or lingua franca), SurinameSaint Kitts Creole, (English Creole or dialect), St.KittsGreeklish, (dialect of Greek used by migrants to English speaking countries)French-based Creole LanguagesAntillean Creole French, French-based creole the French West IndiesGuianan Creole, French-based creole French GuianaHaitian Creole, French-based, an official language of HaitiLouisiana Creole French, LouisianaMauritian Creole, French-based, MauritiusSeychellois Creole, French-based, the SeychellesReunionese French, Hindi, Malagasy based, in Reunion IslandPortuguese-based Creole LanguagesAnnobonese Creole, Portuguese-based creole Annobón, Equatorial GuineaCape Verdean Creole, spoken on the islands of Cape VerdeForro Creole, São Tomé and PríncipeKristang language, Malaysia and SingaporeMacanese Patois, or Macau creole, Pátua, once Macau Portuguese communityPapiamento, the ABC islands in the southern CaribbeanUpper Guinea Creole, Guinea-BissauSri Lankan Portuguese Creole, Sri LankaSão Vicente e Benanvento Creole, São Vicente e Benanvento in EuropeCreole languages based on other languagesAndaman Creole Hindi, Hindustani-based creole language the Andaman islands.Chavacano, Spanish-based creole language the Philippines.Hezhou, Uyghur-based and relexified by MandarinKanbun Kundoku, a method of annotating literary Chinese so that it can be read as Japanese.Nagamese Creole, Assamese-based, used in Nagaland, IndiaSango language, Ngbandi-based creole the Central African RepublicUnserdeutsch language, a German-based creole spoken primarily in Papua New GuineaHokaglish, Possibly Chinese-based creole spoken by Filipino-Chinese across the Philippines, although English and Tagalog may also be the base.

How many languages are there in Guadeloupe?

French is the official language. French creole is widely spoken.

What are 5 creole languages spoken in the Caribbean?

There are many creoles spoken in the Caribbean. Here are five:Haitian CreoleJamaican PatoisJamaican Maroon Spirit Possession LanguageBelizean KriolVirgin Islands CreoleHere is a partial list of important creoles from all over the world. Some of these may be extinct. Creoles that form from pidgins, sometimes retain the word "Pidgin" in their names, even though they are no longer pidgins: NubiJuba ArabicBabalia Creole ArabicMaridi ArabicTurku ArabicSingdarinJamaican PatoisBelizean KriolMiskito Coastal CreoleSan Andrés-Providencia CreoleAfro-Seminole CreoleBahamian CreoleTurks-Caicos CreoleGullahVirgin Islands CreoleCruzanSaint Martin CreoleCentral VI-NANorthern Antillean CreoleAnguillan CreoleAntiguan CreoleMontserrat CreoleSaint Kitts CreoleBajanGrenadian CreoleGuyanese CreoleTobagonian CreoleTrinidadian CreoleKrioNigerian PidginAkuCameroonian Pidgin EnglishKreyolAlukuFernando Poo CreolePichinglisJamaican Maroon Spirit Possession LanguageAlukuNdyukaSranan TongoAustralian Kriol (Roper River Creole)BislamaTok PisinHawaiian PidginSaramaccaans, or SaamákaCoño EnglishSinglish/ManglishHaitian Creole (Kreyòl ayisyen)Louisiana Creole (Kréyol la Lwizyàn, locally called Kourí-Viní)Antillean CreoleFrench Guiana CreoleKaripúnaMauritian CreoleAgalega CreoleChagossian CreoleRéunion CreoleRodriguan CreoleSeychellois CreoleTayoPetit MauresquePetit-NègreUnserdeutschNamibian Black German or KüchendeutschBelgranodeutschBetawian MalayBaba MalayManado MalayTernatean MalayBacanese MalayLarantuka MalayKupang MalayAmbonese MalayBandanese MalayPapuan/Irian MalayKedahan MalaySarawakian MalayBruneian MalaySri Lanka MalaySangoAngolarAnnoboneseCupópiaCape Verdean CreoleCreole of VaipimDaman Indo-PortugueseDiu Indo-PortugueseForroGuinea-Bissau CreoleKristangKristiMacanesePapiamentoPequeno PortuguêsPrincipenseSaramaccanSri Lanka Indo-PortugueseChavacanoPalenqueroDutch-based creoles are all extinct.

How many countries use the language Creole and which countries do?

Haiti Haiti is not the only country that speaks creole! The few that i know for sure that do speak creole are Seychelles Islands, Mauritius and Reunion Islands. Google the countries and find out. there is a country in west Africa that i came from that speaks creole, sierra Leone

What languages are spoken in Cabo Verde?

in cabo verde do they speak bantu mix with portuguesemePortuguese is the main language spoken in cape verdePortuguese is the primary language with a form of Creole as a second language for many Cape Verdeans. English is also spoken on the islands, although not as widely; as many Cape Verdeans have immigrated to the US and have bought back English when they have returned.Portuguese and Creole -- - -Capeverdeans speak "Capeverdean Creole" and Portuguese.

How do you speak creole?

This is how you speak creole. It doesn't have an exact accent. I will teach you basic things like how are you-Koma ou yeWhats up-Sak paseI'm fine-mwen byen you don't actually pronounce the n. That's how many words in creole are they have a silent letter in the end.why-pouke sa this is just basic things not too much if you need any help just ask the question and I'll be here.Real answer:They above answer doesn't identify the exact language, but it looks like it could be Louisana Creole or Haitiain Creole.There is no such language as "Creole". The word "Creole" refers to a category of languages that are a combination of 2 completely different languages. There are more than 100 different creole languages spoken in the world today. The most common creoles are English-based, French-based, and Spanish based creoles.

How many words does the Tranquili language have?

There is no such language.