How many words can you make from childcare?

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Is childcare a compound word?

Yes childcare is a compound word. The words are care and child.

What are other words that mean pediatrician?

childcare, babydoctor

Is the word childcare one word or two words?

I think that it can be your choice: Google Dictionary: child care Wikipedia: childcare no result for childcare or child care childcare childcare childcare The US Dept. of Health and Human Services NCCIC is the National Child Care Information and Technical Assistance Center.

How much money does a preschool and childcare administration?

How much money does a preschool and childcare administration? ???? Make a hour . Do in a day ????

Do you write the word childcare as one word or two?

In the context of "the childcare here is excellent", it is one word. In the context of "does our child care if she is naughty?", it is two words.

How many points are needed for childcare?


Can you do childcare for gcse?

In many schools yes

Does commonwealth government make all of the laws in childcare in Australia?

It depends on what is meant by childcare. Childcare services, accreditation for childcare centres and so on, are all overseen by the Federal (Commonwealth) government. Children's services and child safety, e.g. foster care, are overseen by the State government.

What qualities make a good childcare practitioner?

A good childcare practitioner needs to be patient, sensitive to the needs of others, understanding, trustworthy and confident.

What is the latin word for childcare?


This person worked at a childcare center?

There are many people that work in a childcare centers all around the world. Some of these people are famous.

When did childcare start?

in 1980 was the begining of childcare.

How many words could you make out of make?

You can make the words: ma, me, am,

How do you care new child in childcare?

you have to make the child feel comfortable and welcome him.

How do you write daily reflections in childcare?

reflection on childcare work experience

What is voluntary childcare?

voluntary childcare is when you look after children free of charge.

What is the term extension of play in childcare?

Well I think it was internet to do that with the childcare.

What is childcare?

it can be a setting where you care for children. it can be a person with childcare qualification. childcare itself is a course. the term childcare means caring for children and being responsible for them so that means looking after them, cleaning, feeding etc.

How many words can you make from the word cat?

I can make four. How many can you make?

How many words can you make from brontosaurus?

how many words can be made of brontosaurus

How many words can you make out of rainbow?

You Can Make 54 Words Out Of The Word Rainbow.

How many words can you make with give?

Words that you can make with 'give' are I, I've, and vie.

How many words can you make out of the word staples?

You can make at least sixteen words.

What is laissez-faire HAVE TO DO WITH CHILDCARE?

Laissez-faire is a general concept that suggests that government should stay out of the regulation business. In short, Government should have NOTHING to do with childcare, especially when it comes to funding of childcare or the creation of childcare agencies.

How many words can you make from the phrase national laboratory week?