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This question is not clear. Please ask again with more specific words. I am not sure if you are asking how many worksheets you can put in a single workbook, how many add-ins are available for MS Excel, or something else.

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Q: How many work sheet add in ms Excel file?
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Is a Excel work sheet the same as a spread sheet?

Yes. In Excel, a spreadsheet is called a worksheet.

How can you edit an Excel sheet that was emailed to you on your Samsung tablet?

If you have Excel and the file is not protected, then you should be able to work on it. If not, open the e-mail on a computer with Excel or try opening it through something like Google Docs.

What does worsheet mean?

a page in Excel or a sheet that you work on

How do you recover the lost password in a protected Excel work sheet?

Suppose you have to view an important excel sheet data but you have forget the password then you need to do excel password recovery, unfortunately MS excel doesn't offer any option for password recovery. You can try the following steps but it will work in MS excel 2007 only. 1) Change file extension .zip from .xls/xlsx. 2) Extract this zipped file. 3) Go to the extracted files and navigate to the .xml for the target sheet (found in the 'xl\worksheets' directory) like filename.xml 4) Open this .xml file in to xml editor and file and find <sheetProtection password="CC58" sheet="1"/> line and remove it. 5) Now save this file and change extension back to .xlsx from .zip. You will be able to open your file successfully without any password.

What is features of MS Excel?

There are many feature like as you create own database in sheet, you excel work mathematics function, create own directory.

What is a work base in Excel?

It's a base where all work is done in excel and is saved in the file format.

What is another name for excel file?

work book

What is the definition of workbook in Excel?

is a file crated in ms excel is called work book.

What is Work Book in MS Excel?

A workbook is a file created by excel spreadsheet application

How can I convert a PDF to a excel spreadsheet?

You can transfer a PDF file into an excel file but simply copy and pasting the information into the excel program to create your spreadsheet. If this does not work there is no option.

What is the purpose of rows in an Excel sheet?

It's for work to be presentable,neat and clear.

What allow users to enter calculate manipulate and analyze data in excel?

work sheet

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