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Q: How many working exhibits are there at the science museum?
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What does a science museum have?

Walls, doors, a roof and most likely an exorbitant admission fee. Oh, and many items and exhibits teaching people about the history of science. The exhibits vary from museum to museum.

What is on display at the Metropolitan Museum in New York?

The Metropolitan Museum in New York has many interesting displays. They have exhibits on ancient history as well as science exhibits that are more modern.

Where is the museum Science World located?

The museum Science World is in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. It is located at the end of False Creek and features many interactive exhibits and displays.

How many exhibits does the Metropolitan Museum have?


How many exhibits are in the natural history museum?


Is there a Michael Jackson museum?

There are many Michael Jackson exhibits.

How many exhibits does The Israel Museum have?

The Israel museum is said to have 26 exhibits starting with artifacts, and ending with ancient people's biographies, existing back to 200B.C

What is the mammal in the natural history museum called?

Every Museum of Natural History has many mammal exhibits.

What are some of the exhibits that one can view at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City?

The metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC has many exhibits. Some of the exhibits that they have include Egyptian Art, European Sculpture, Medieval Art, The American Wing, Greek and Roman Art. The museum also has special exhibits that change often.

What exhibits can be seen at the Fernbank Museum of Natural History?

If one were to visit the Fernbank Museum of Natural History, one would be able to visit many exhibits. Some of these exhibits include the Dinosaur Plaza, the Giants of the Mesozoic or the Reflections of Culture.

What kind of a museum is the de young museum?

De Young Museum is a museum within the fine arts district of San Fransisco. They have many different kinds of exhibits but many focus on artwork and artists.

Where can someone view museum exhibits of contemporary sculptures?

If you are looking to find museum exhibits of contemporary sculptures, then there are many websites online which will show you some. One of the best places to go would be on the Grounds For Sculpture website.

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