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You can hide all the worksheets in the workbook. A workbook can have as many worksheets as your computer's memory will allow, so there is no set maximum.

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How many worksheets are present in Excel?

Excel opens with three blank worksheets. The total number of worksheets you can include in Excel 2007 and higher is limited by the amount of computer memory available to Excel.

Where are individual worksheets stored in Excel?

Worksheets are stored in a workbook in Excel.

How many worksheets are there in a default Excel workbook?

The typical number of worksheets for a "New file..." in Microsoft Excel has always been 3.

What are individual pages of an Excel document called?


How many worksheets does Microsoft Excel open a new workbook with?

In general, a new workbook in Microsoft Excel starts with three (3) worksheets. The number of worksheets that are created by default may be changed using the Microsoft Excel options.

How many worksheets does a new workbook contain?

In Microsoft Excel, a new workbook will normally have three worksheets.

How many worksheets will open in Excel?

The default new worksheet opens with three worksheets, but can add as many sheets as you need.

Excel opens a new workbook with worksheets?

When you open a new Excel workbook, it contains blank worksheets.

How many worksheets can you have in any one excel document I understand a spreadsheet can have 1048576 rows and 16384 columns does this mean total rows for all worksheets in the one document?

Those numbers are for each worksheet. You can have as many worksheets in an Excel 2007 workbook as the memory in your computer will allow. Excel 2003 and earlier are limited to 255 worksheets per workbook.

How many worksheets does an Excel workbook have by default?

By default there are 3 sheets in a new Excel workbook.

How many worksheets are there in Microsoft Excel?

In early version of the program there was just one. More recently there are now 3 worksheets in a workbook. You can add as many worksheets as your computer can have enough memory for.

How many worksheets in Excel 2013?

The number of worksheets in excel 2013 is limited by available memory (default is 3 sheets). It is unlikely anyone would want such an excessive number of worksheets in any one workbook to reach any possible limit.

How many worksheets are present is Microsoft Excel?

By default three, but you can add as required.

Is Excel a chart or worksheet?

Excel is a spreadsheet application. It can have charts and worksheets in it.

How many worksheets does Excel have when it opens a new workbook?

Just one a time but you can open as many as you want. A new workbook opens with three blank worksheets.

When you save a spreadsheet in Excel how many files will be saved?

One file. No matter how many worksheets you have in an excel workbook, everything will be saved in a single file.

What can you create in Excel?

spreadsheets (worksheets) and charts

How many worksheets can you make in Microsoft Excel 2007?

As many as the memory in your computer can store. The number of worksheets in each workbook is limited only by the amount of memory available.

What is spreadsheet called in Excel?

Within Excel the individual sheets are called Worksheets.

What are active worksheets in Excel?

The 'active worksheets' are the tabs down at the bottom of the Excel spreadsheet, the one that is selected would be the 'active worksheet' if you have multiple worksheet's.

Can excel workbook have 50 worksheets?

Maybe. You can have as many worksheets in a workbook as the memory of your computer will allow. I know that's not a definitive answer, but sometimes, "it depends" is the best you will get.

Excel displays data in a special document called?

Microsoft Excel displays data in Worksheets, also called spreadsheets, or as a group of worksheets known as a Workbook.

How many sheets in Excel workbook?

You can have over 200 worksheets in a workbook. For Excel 2007 and higher, the actual number of sheets is limited only by the amount of memory available to Excel.

Whats the maximun amount of worksheets you can include in a Excel workbook?

Although you're limited to 255 sheets in a new workbook, Excel doesn't limit how many worksheets you can add after you've created a workbook. The only factor that ultimately limits the number of worksheets your workbook can hold is your computer's memory.

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