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110 approx.

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Q: How many yards of mulch will a tractor trailer hold?
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How much mulch can a utility trailer hold?

trailer is 70Lx46Wx23H

How many yards will a tri-axle dump truck hold?

i believe a tri axlw will hold about 14 yards of top soil A Tri-Axle will hold up to20 - 25 yards of soil depending on weight. A Tandem will hold about 14 - 17 yards of soil. Tri-axle can hold about 30 yards of mulch. How much it will hold, depends on the size of the box. I can 'legally' load 20 yds of 'pit-run' (gravel) in a 24 foot tandem trailer (in my province).

What kind of tractor trailers can handle the heaviest loads?

The type of tractor trailer that can hold the heaviest loads is a Semi-Trailer truck. This is the heaviest truck that is allowed on the roads.

How many cubic yards will a tri axle hold?

Depends what kind of trailer.

How many pounds of liquid can a tractor trailer hold?

A typical tractor trailer unit, with a total of five axles, can typically carry between 23 and 25 tons legally, dependent on the tare weight of the tractor and trailer. The legal interstate gross weight rating for such a setup is 80,000 lbs.

How much gas does a semi-tractor trailer hold?

None. They use diesel fuel, which a North American tractor might hold up to 300 US gallons of (although 250, give or take, is a bit more common).

How much can a split axle tractor trailer hold on the back axle?

A ten foot spread axle trailer is allowed 20,000 lbs. per axle, for a total of 40,000 lbs.

How much would a 35 foot by 102 inches by 92 inch trailer hold in yards of coal?

84.47 cu yd

How much diesel will a tractor hold?

It depends on the tractor.

How much does a 60 inch tractor bucket hold?

There are various sizes of tractor buckets and each can hold different loads. For a 60 inch tractor bucket, it can hold 1/3 cubic yard.

How many pounds can a tractor trailer hold?

A dry van can typically hold up to 44,000lbs. depending on the exact weight of the trailer itself. Rest a sure if you go over the gross over 80,000lbs you will be ticketed $1 a pound. Also you got to deal with three axles. Steer, Rear, and Trailer Axles, 12,000,34,000,34,000. If you go over that on the axles you will also be ticketed $1 a pound by the DOT if caught.

How do you figure out the number of yards a 5 foot by 10 foot by 4 foot trailer will hold?

I assume you mean cubic yards. 1 cubic yard = 27 cubic feet 5*10*4=200 cubic feet 200/27 =7.4 cubic yards

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