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How many year of college do horse trainers have to go through?

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There are many horse trainers of different types located in the United States. It is impossible to know how many since most are small business.

Horse racing is not a team sport. Jockey's ride the horses in races, Trainers train the horse, and Owners own the horse.

There is no 'average' salary for a horse trainer. Horse trainers of any breed or sport are going to have a wide variance in yearly pay rates due to the economy and how many clients they have.

How many personal trainers are in the US

There are many African American equestrians that are probably not know outside the horse industry. There is also lots of African American trainers.

Horse trainers are who most people think of when it comes to training a horse, but really everyone who handles that specific horse is training it in one way or another. Many people train their own horses due to tight finances or because they are skilled enough to handle the horse.

How many trainers are in Table Tennis sport in the world?

Google "Trainers for Stick Arena", and browse through the many different ones.

You don't need to go to college, but you need to learn how to do it CORRECTLY. Otherwise you can really mess up somebody's horse. Although the above answer is very correct, you can go to college and get a degree or certification (depending on the college), that says you have passed their tests and have at least a basic knowledge of horse care and training. Many horse people nowadays will often send their horses to someone who has a degree rather than someone who does not.

A horse has two nostrils which it breaths through, located at the bottom of their face, above their mouth.

Over 800 thoroughbred trainers in the US.

Go to Google and click on "Images". Search for "pics of athletic trainers" Google will return with many pictures of athletic trainers.

The answer to that can be both yes and no. Many trainers use gentle methods to achieve the needed results and their training would not be considered cruel. While others will abuse their horses to get 'better' results and a flashier horse, it really all depends on the trainer.

any horse is a good jumper, if they are trained by the right trainers. but many prefer warmbloods and more muscular horses for jumping. :D Hope this helps

The amount of time you would need to spend in college would depend exactly on the type of horse farm you plan on having. Typically though courses can last anywhere from 1 to 4 years.

There are several ways that a person can find out how many dog trainers there are in Union County New Jersey. All licensed dog trainers are registered with the county clerk's office. The County Clerk can provide a list of all licensed dog trainers.

There are plenty! In addition to ranch work (yes, they still need cowboys, although the job's a bit different nowadays), there are associations, such as the American Quarter Horse Association and the American Paint Horse Association, that are based out of Texas. Many of the big Western trainers are also based in Texas as well.

In order for you to find a good horse trainer one would look at a facility that houses horses. Stables can be found in many places along the country side. One can also use the internet to find a horse trainer in their area, for example one could search "horse trainer Essex" and horse trainers in that area would come up. One can also find a good horse trainer if one were to speak to the individuals who are involved in the horse riding field.

Astro Turf trainers are trainers with extra grips on their soles which are uniquely designed for playing on Astro Turf Pitches. There are many variations of these boots and you should some that are suitable for your needs.

There are 69 trainers you can battle in Pokemon Sapphire. This also includes the Gym Leaders and the Elite Four.

There are many trainers who provide online training but it is recommended to go for certified trainers. Check out bodyandstrength for knowing more about online training and trainers.

Most employers prefer their staff to have a college or university degree, even for the position of animal trainer. In Australia, for example, many places such as SeaWorld or various animal zoos and sanctuaries prefer their trainers to have a degree or to have at least completed some coursework in any of the the fields of Animal Husbandry, Animal Science, Zoology, Biology, Marine biology or Animal behavior or psychology.

Yes there is many trainers on Adventure quest worlds if you would like to hack sure, but you can get banned instantly so yeah.....

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