How many years between King David and Jesus?

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The time span between the death of king David, and the death of Jesus was about 1000 years (between 990 and 1010 years).
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How many children did king David have?

He had four sons Amnon, Chileab, Absalom, and Adonijah. 15 sons and 1 daughter. David had 16 children. 15 sons and 1 daughter. Correction as of 1/30/13: Per 2 Samuel 3:2-5; 2 Samuel 5:14-16 and 1 Chronicles 3:1-8... David had 20 sons and 1 daughter that were named in the bible. For a total 21 n ( Full Answer )

What are the links between Jesus and David?

Answer . One is that Jesus is a descendant of David.. None . It was Joseph the foster father of Jesus that have links to King David.. See Mathew 1:1-16. Thoughts . David lived about a millennium before Jesus did.. David composed the book of Psalms which Jews used to pray from when the r ( Full Answer )

David reigned as king for how many years?

King David reigned for 40 years. I Kings 2:11 - David reigned forseven years in Hebron, and then thirty-three years in Jerusalembetween the years of around 1000 and the 970's BC. He is thought to have been contemporary with the pharaoh Siamun andAhirom king of Tyre/Byblos. This has been confirmed b ( Full Answer )

How many years between Moses and Jesus?

According to Sacred texts, Moses lived for one hundred and twenty years and the time period between him and Abraham was five hundred years, and the period between Moses and Jesus was one thousand and six hundred eighty years. According to the Bible as we have it today, Moses died around 1400 BC. Je ( Full Answer )

How many years did David have to hide from King Saul?

About 6yrs. from 1006-1000 BC. 1006 BC: David flees to Nob and is helped by Ahimelech the pries 1000 BC: David with the help of his allies assumes control of Judah, and is anointed its king with Hebron as his capital

How many years between Abraham and Jesus?

About 2018 years, give or take a few, passed between Abraham's birth and Jesus' birth. Counting backwards, we can use history and the bible to come up with the following dates: BC 1 Jesus born (undisputed). BC 537 captivity ends (undisputed). BC 607 70 years captivity begins (undisputed). ( Full Answer )

How many siblings does King David have?

King David's first six brothers are listed in 1 Chronicles 2:13-15: Eliab, Abinadab, Shimea, Nethanel, Raddai and Ozem. His other brother is not named anywhere in the Bible. Elsewhere, we learn that David had a brother named Elihu (1 Chr. 27:18), which may be the name of his seventh brother, or whic ( Full Answer )

How many brothers did King David have?

That's probably impossible to answer. Saul (Davids father) was also a king and being like other kings, had many wives, around 300, and around 700 concubines. Sorry, but that's what the bible says. Sorry, the above answer is wrong. (I clicked "improve answer" because I don't see a "that answer is w ( Full Answer )

How many years between Adam and Jesus?

Edit: it is in reality known, but it takes a long time. We canuse Gal 3:17 and the fact that it was 483 years from the time ofthe rebuilding of the temple in 450 B.C {Nehemiah} to the LORDdying for our sins and rising again. Then we can add the reigns ofthe judges and kings. Adding the kings is real ( Full Answer )

How many years was david king?

David was 30 years old when he began to reign and it was only after he had reigned in Judah for seven and a half years that he then reigned for a furthur 33 years "over all Israel and Judah" :-. 2Sa 5:4-5 KJV David was thirty years old when he began to reign, and he reigned forty years. [v. 5] ( Full Answer )

Why is King David important in the genealogy of Jesus?

The reason why Matthew and Luke trace Jesus' genealogy back to King David: A) Its true, Jesus was of the line of King David B) They wanted to show that Jesus was the Messiah. The Jew's always knew that the Messiah would come from the 'house of David' (meaning his bloodline). The Jews read th ( Full Answer )

What is the connection between Jesus and king david?

Answer: "...thou shalt conceive in thy womb, and bring forth a son, and shalt call His name Jesus. He shall be great, and shall be called the Son of the Highest: and the Lord God SHALL GIVE UNTO HIM THE THRONE OF HIS FATHER DAVID : and He shall reign over the House of Jacob for ever; and of His K ( Full Answer )

How many years ago did the three kings bring presents to Jesus?

Well here in 2011 it was about 2013 years ago that the Magi brought gifts to Jesus. Since Jesus was born about 4 BC and the Magi had first seen His star around 2 years before they came to King Herod. Also they found Mary and the child in a house not a stable or manger for we read in Matthew 2:1 ( Full Answer )

How many years are between Abraham and Jesus?

It is impossible to know the exact amount of years. However, Jesus was born in the year 0AD, because the previous years all ended in BC, which meant Before Christ). Jesus' birth is the beginning of the New Testament, whereas Abraham lived very early on in the Old Testament, and so there would have b ( Full Answer )

How many generations were between David and Jesus?

Answer Matthew provides a genealogy for Jesus, through Joseph and back through the male line, giving 28 generations from David to Jesus . According to Mathew, Jesus was descended from all the kings of Judah, but he omits the Old Testament kings Uzziah, Amaziah and Jehoash, who are listed in t ( Full Answer )

How many years between the beginning of man and the birth of Jesus?

Answer There are two different answers to the question of how many years there were between the beginning of man and the birth of Jesus: the biblical answer and the actual, scientific answer. According the James Ussher, the biblication creation - the beginning of man - occurred 4000 years before ( Full Answer )

Was Jesus a direct descendant of King David?

Even if King David was a real, historical person, probably not. Matthew's Gospel provides a genealogy back through Joseph and his father Jacob to David, while Luke's Gospel provides a genealogy back through Joseph and his father Heli to David. Then both go and spoil it by saying that Mary was a ( Full Answer )

How many years King David reign over Israel?

Record of david's reign david was 30 years when he became king,and he reign 40 hebron he reigned over judah 7 years and 6 months,and in Jerusalem he reigned over all of israel and judah 33 years. Source is "the daily bible" in chronological order 365 day reading new international version ( Full Answer )

What are the similarities between Jesus and King David?

They were both from Bethlehem. They were both unlikely choices for leadership-David was too young and Jesus was not trained as a Rabbi. They were both blue collar workers. There was also a long time between being anointed as king and becoming king

How many years between Noah and Jesus Christ?

One source I've read indicates 2,000 years from Adam to Noah, and 2,000 years from Noah to Jesus. The Bible itself provides something of a timeline from Adam to Noah, but the geneology from Noah to Jesus doesn't include a complete description of how old father was when he "begat" son, making such a ( Full Answer )

Was Jesus related to King David?

Yes. Matthew's genealogy shows that Joseph was descended from Davidthrough Solomon, while Luke's genealogy reveals that Mary was alsoa descendant of David through Nathan. Matthew's genealogical account was significant to the Jews (forwhom his gospel was specifically intended), because "birthright ( Full Answer )

How many Years between Abraham and David?

In Matthew 1:17 it says that there are 14 generations between Abraham and David. And 14 generations is roughly 600 years. So therefore there is roughly 600 years between Abraham and David. Let's go backwards now! From Christ to the carrying away into Babylon are fourteen generations (or 631 year ( Full Answer )

How many years between the death of Jesus and the gospel of John?

The best guess is that the earliest documentations of the death of Yeshua of Nazareth was roughly 50 years. Little evidence is available to support any claims that the factual existence of a divine savior even occurred. You have to understand that the majority of history up to this point was passed ( Full Answer )

How many years between Passover and Jesus' death?

Moses instituted Passover just before the 10th Plague in Egypt on Abib(Nisan) 14, 1513 BCE(Exodus 12:17-20, 24-27). The death of Jesus Christ took place on the Passover Day, Nisan 14, 33 C.E. according to the Jewish calendar(Matthew 26:2; John 13:1-3; Exodus 12:1-6; 13:4), which would have been over ( Full Answer )

How many mistresses did king david have?

There were 10 mistresses. 2Sam. 20:3 And David came into his house at Jerusalem. And the king took the ten women, the concubines whom he had left to guard the house, and fed them. But he did not go in to them, and they were shut up to the day of their death in widowhood.

Why were there 14 generations from King David to Jesus?

The Gospels of Matthew and Luke provide genealogies of Jesus, back through Joseph to the legendary King David, both using multiple of 7 or 14 generations, but neither claimed that there were only 14 generations from David to Jesus. The numbers 7 and 14 were thought to be auspicious in ancient Jewish ( Full Answer )

Was King David Jesus' ancestor?

----------------------- Both Matthew's Gospel and Luke's Gospel say that Joseph was descended from King David, following quite different versions of the same family line, but also that Mary was a virgin. Matthew's Gospel says that King David was the ancestor of Joseph, and therefore at least ( Full Answer )

How important was the relationship between King David and Jesus?

A: The first century Jews believed that their longed-for Messiah would be a descendant of King David, so if Jesus was not said to have been in this line of descent the Jews could easily have denied that he was the Christ, their hoped-for Messiah. Therefore a relationship by descent was important, t ( Full Answer )

How many years between Daniel and Jesus?

A: The Book of Daniel says that Daniel was captured in the third year of the reign of Jehoiakim, or approximately 603 BCE, since the Babylonian Exile has been dated absolutely to 597 BCE by secular historians. This would suggest that he was born around 610 BCE. The book becomes a little confused ( Full Answer )

Was King David a King for forty years?

In the biblical times, "40 years" was their way of saying, "for along time" . . . the actual amount of time is lost to antiquityuntil the New testament. In the New Testament, they still used theterm, "40" to mean a bunch of whatever, the Roman governors keptvery accurate records. From what we have o ( Full Answer )

How many years are there between Jesus and John the Baptist?

Mary had just become pregnant when she visited Elizabeth who was six months into her pregnancy with John (Luke 1:26) and stayed with her for 3 months (Luke 1:39-56) just before the birth. Therefore, John the Baptist is 6 months older than Jesus. With respect to the ministry of John the Baptist an ( Full Answer )

How many years between Promised Land and King David?

The question as written makes no sense. The Promised Land is a place, not an event. David was King of the United Kingdom of Israel which was in the Promised Land. If the question is asking, according to the Bible, how many years passed between the arrival in the Promised Land and David's ascensio ( Full Answer )

Why Jesus choose King David' temple?

Because both Jesus and King David were a prophet who have acknowledge of several holiest place. A: There was never a King David's temple, the first temple was built by king Solomon after David's death. In Jesus' time the Jews worshiped at Herod's temple that stood in the place of Solomon's temple ( Full Answer )

Is king David Jesus' grandfather?

Yes, he is but it goes beyond that king David is many generations before Jesus. IF you look in the book of Matthew chapter one verse 17 it will tell you the generations from King David to Christ.

How many years between the flood and Jesus Christ?

No one knows- there is no historical or archeological evidence that would make it clear. However it is known that the Black sea was formed by a major flood event when the Mediterranean sea burst through what is now the Bosphorus. An approximate date for this has been calculated as 5600 BC. This shat ( Full Answer )

How does Jesus belong to the family of King David?

Look at the genealogy of Jesus in the Book of Matthew 1:1-17 and in the Book of Luke 3:23-38. King David from the tribe of Judah is in each one. This is how Jesus belonged to the family of David.

Was king David Jesus' grandfather?

Jesus's stepfather, Joseph, was in the line of David. David was not Jesus's father, but he was his ancestor/distant relative.

How many years are between Joshua and Jesus' birth?

Although, Joshua's existence was oulined in the OldTestament, and Jesus is the New Testament. The facts are that froma divine prospective there are no reliable source of informationthat could give an exact figure.

How many years before david became king?

Years since what? Since the Creation? It was 2884 years since the Creation, that David became king(according to traditional chronology). Years since his own birth? It was 30 years since his birth, that David became king. Years since the death of Saul? David became king immediately after the death of ( Full Answer )

How many years between Moses and David?

How many years between Moses and David? There was 581 years between the birth of Moses and the birth ofDavid . Moses was born = 1571 BC . David was born = 990 BC Other interesting dates of Moses and David . The exodus occurred in 1491BC . The Kingdom of Israel begins 1000 BC with Saul a ( Full Answer )