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The time span between the death of King David, and the death of Jesus was about 1000 years (between 990 and 1010 years).

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How are Jesus and King David related?

King David and Jesus are long distance cousins. :)

What are the similarities between Jesus and King David?

They were both from Bethlehem. They were both unlikely choices for leadership-David was too young and Jesus was not trained as a Rabbi. They were both blue collar workers. There was also a long time between being anointed as king and becoming king

Was king David related to Jesus Christ?

yes. jesus descended from king david. his generation is seen in the first chapter of matthew.

Explain how king david has a role in life with jesus?

Joseph was a decedent of king David.

What are the links between Jesus and David?

One is that Jesus is a descendant of David. It was Joseph the foster father of Jesus that have links to King David. See Mathew 1:1-16 === === David lived about a millennium before Jesus did. David composed the book of Psalms which Jews used to pray from when the religion that Jesus founded would harass and murder them.

Was Joseph a descendant of King David?

Yes. Joseph, the stepfather of Jesus, was a descendent of King David.

Which king's seed did Jesus come from?

Jesus was descended from King David.

What is King David's relationship to Jesus of Nazareth?

according to the Bible, Jesus was a direct descendant of King David.

Examples that show that Jesus was a Jew?

King David was the greatest king of the Jews, and Jesus is from Davids line.

Was King David born in Bethlehem like Jesus Christ?

Yes, both Jesus and David were born in Bethlehem.

How many years between Moses and David?

How many years between Moses and David?There was 581 years between the birth of Moses and the birth of DavidMoses was born = 1571 BCDavid was born = 990 BCOther interesting dates of Moses and DavidThe exodus occurred in 1491BCThe Kingdom of Israel begins 1000 BC with Saul as KingDavid reigns as King over all Israel = 952

Why Jesus choose King David' temple?

Because both Jesus and King David were a prophet who have acknowledge of several holiest place. A: There was never a King David's temple, the first temple was built by king Solomon after David's death. In Jesus' time the Jews worshiped at Herod's temple that stood in the place of Solomon's temple that was destroyed by the Babylonians hundreds of years before.

Why is king David important today?

King David is important as he was king who built a empire, Jesus also comes from Davids line.

Is king David Jesus' grandfather?

Yes, he is but it goes beyond that king David is many generations before Jesus. IF you look in the book of Matthew chapter one verse 17 it will tell you the generations from King David to Christ.

What references in the new testement are there to King David?

King David is mentioned in the New Testament in the family tree of Jesus.

Who was the king that jesus descended from?

The Greek christous jesus descended from no king. Yeshua the Jewish Messiah of the Bible descended from a Hebrew King David.

How does Jesus belong to the family of King David?

Look at the genealogy of Jesus in the Book of Matthew 1:1-17 and in the Book of Luke 3:23-38. King David from the tribe of Judah is in each one. This is how Jesus belonged to the family of David.

How many year for king david between shepherd and king?

How many year for king david between shepherd and king?

What king did the Jews believe Jesus would be descended from?

The Jews had no expectations for Jesus because they did not regard him as the Messiah. However they did believe that the hoped-for Messiah would be descended from King David. It has been pointed out that a thousand years after the time attributed to David, possibly two million Jews could claim to be descended from David.

Why are David and Solomon related?

Because King Solomon was King David's son. See also the Related Links.Link: More about King DavidLink: More about King Solomon

What king of Israel did Jesus descend from?

According to the two genealogies in the New Testament, Jesus descended from King David by way of Zerrubabel.

How long did was David king?

David was king for 40 years, and he was 30 years old when he started his rule over Israel.

How long did king David rule for?

King David reigned for about 40 years. 7 years 6 months in Hebron and 33 years in Jerusalem.

How long did king david rule?

King David ruled for 40 years over Israel.

What moabite was an ancestor of jesus?

King david ANSWER: Ruth the wife of Boaz.

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