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Q: How many years can you collect unemployment?
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How many weeks can you collect unemployment in Tennessee?

You can collect unemployment in Tennessee for 26 weeks. The maximum benefit is $275 per week.

How many hours are needed to collect unemployment?

how many hours in mass

Can Nannie collect unemployment checks?

yes. nannies can actually collect unemployment

How can you collect unemployment in New York?

You can't collect unemployment. It's impossible.

Can you collect unemployment if you haven't worked in 3 years?

No, You can not collect if you haven't put any money into "the System" in three years. Come on now lol.

Can college students collect unemployment?

Yes and no. If a college student is working and gets fired or layed off then they can collect unemployment. If they are not working then no they can't collect unemployment because they have no job to collect it from.

How long do you have to work to collect unemployment is ks?

Unemployment is available to many people who have lost a job and cannot find a job. In Kansas a person has to work for one year before they can collect unemployment.

Can you collect unemployment insurance after you are released from jail?

if paroled from jail can i still collect unemployment

Can you collect unemployment in Texas for getting fired?

hello Can you collect unemployment in Texas if you were fired?

Can you collect unemployment in Illinois when your hours are reduced?

Yes in many instances. Best bet, file and see what they say.

Can you collect California state unemployment benefits if you have not worked in years?

No. You have to have a current work history.

Can you collect unemployment and do freelance work in Florida?

That would be dishonest, you can not collect unemployment if you are freelance working.

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