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How many years did Gautama Buddha teach after gaining enlightenment?

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About 50 years

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Where did Gautama Buddha teach?

buddha first taught at varanasi

What did the Buddha do after finding enlightenment?

teach others about enlightment

What did Siddhartha Gautama teach?

Siddhartha Gautama, better known as Buddha, taught the Middle Way. This is the Buddhist belief in a balance between hedonism and total asceticism.

How did the Buddha affect Buddhism?

Simply, The Buddha is the reason that Buddhism exists. He was the first documented person to reach enlightenment and to then teach others what he discovered. Without the Buddha there would be no Buddhism.

How did Buddhism develop?

Buddha experienced enlightenment and set out to teach others to follow the middle path. Buddha also started fasting or going without food, to understand and overcome suffering!

What did the Buddha teach about the proper way to live?

The Four Noble Truths outline the summary of life and the way to enlightenment, but the Eightfold Path indicates the attributes of a life in compliance with one's Buddha nature.

Why do we still learn about the Gautama Buddha?

We learn about Gotama because then we learn about the 4 noble truths and also how he sacrificed his palace, to teach his followers that everything and everyone will change or die.

Why did Buddha start a religon?

I do not beleive that Siddhartha Gautama, The Buddha, was trying to start a religion per se, what he was trying to do is teach people how to be happy in a world when everything changes and we are driven by our desires. Others may describe it as a religion but it is really a way of life.

What does Mahayana Buddhism teach about the Buddha himself?

That Buddha was a god

What did Buddha teach his followers?


How do you explain who is the Buddha?

Buddha was a spiritual teacher in ancient India named Siddhartha Gautama. Buddhasm was originally based on his teachings. In Sanskrit the word Buddha means "awakened one." There is another Buddha, the "Laughing Buddha." This is the jolly super fat guy with the big ears, whose belly people rub for good luck. He was a Chinese monk who lived later. Some will disagree, but I consider Siddhartha the real Buddha Buddha is an enlightenment state which attained by a Bodhi Sathwa (The being who wish to become a Buddha and who works towards achieving it by cultivating the qualities and skills that is necessary throughout many life times)as a way of rediscovering the four noble truths or Dhamma for the sake of all living beings. The Buddha is not a state that can attained by everyone and its not common but rare. It takes great courage as well as a great kindness towards living beings in a person who wish to cultivate the qualities and skill that are necessary to become a Buddha. This kalpa(aeon) is known as Bhadra Kalpa(auspicious aeon) because there will be an occurance of 5 Buddhas, the 4th is Thathagathe Gouthame Buddha (or Siddhartha the name used before becoming Buddha). There will be no occurance of Buddha while there is Dhamma(Teachings of Buddha) already exist in the world. The 5th Buddha will be Maithree Buddha. The difference of the enlightenment of a Buddha and his deciples is that a Buddha achieves enlightenment through his own efforts without any guidance and thereby rediscovers Dhamma which have already been buried by the sands of time. The Buddha then will teach Dhamma and through his guidance and ones efforts he/she can attain enlightenment as a Rahath. This is a short explanation but there are so much things about this topic explained in detail in suttas of the Pali Canon. Ones who wish to learn more may refer to the pali canon or seek guidance from a Buddhist Monk.

What kind of love did Buddha teach?


For how many years did the Buddha teach?


What event started the Buddhism religion?

Brahma Sahampati asked the Buddha to teach the Dharma after his enlightenment by presenting him with a golden wheel. He then travelled to Sarnath and gave the first teachings on the four noble truthes.

How did Buddhism originate?

Lord buddha found buddhism.That's the starting point of buddhism. Siddharta Gautama, to be known as Buddha after his enlightenment, was unsatisfied with his luxurious life as a prince. Over four separate days, on a journey out with his charioteer, Channa, he experienced four sights: an old man, a sick man, a funeral procession and a Saddhu (Indian holy man). He went off to try and find an answer to man's suffering. After many wanderings, he sat down underneath a Bodhi tree, and started to meditate. He meditated for a long time, overcoming many temptations, until finally he reached Nirvana, the state of eternal bliss. Buddha experienced enlightenment and set out to teach others to follow the middle path.

Why do people believe in Buddha?

The question is a little vague. Most Buddhists don't believe in Buddha in the same way that Christians believe in Jesus. Gautama Siddharta, the historical Buddha, was merely the person who delivered the teachings of enlightenment to the world. Unlike Christianity, the veneration of the Buddha is not central to the religion. He taught that he was simply a man, not to be worshiped, and that innumerable Buddhas existed before and will exist after him. Buddhists believe in the teachings of Buddha, that through the elimination of desires an individual can alleviate suffering and ultimately reach enlightenment. Those that follow the Dharma (the teachings of Buddha) do so because it offers peace and understanding without the judgments and restrictions that many other religions place on their adherents. Also unlike most world religions, Buddhism does not teach that one must be a Buddhist or suffer the consequences. In fact many Buddhists also engage in Confucianism, Taoism, and Shinto. However, like any religion, the reasons people follow it are as various as the followers themselves. "There is no wealth like knowledge, and no poverty like ignorance." -The Buddha

Why you have different appearances if you have same Buddha nature?

This is an interesting question. The Buddha did not teach that there is a Buddha nature, possibly because of this very question. Later on, in Mahayana Buddhism, the concept of Buddha nature was invented.

What did the Buddha teach to obtain Nirvana?

The Noble Eightfold Path.

What did the Buddha teach about the proper way to love?

Digity dogs

What year did Buddha teach his first sermon?

In 457 B.C

What do the Buddhism believe?

Buddhism is founded upon a code of ethics, wisdom and compassion. Essentially they believe that there is an ultimate state of bliss, freedom, wisdom and compassion that can be achieved by any person, this state is called enlightenment. Siddhartha Gautama after many years of searching and meditating was awakened to this experience of ultimate bliss, freedom, wisdom and compassion and became a Buddha. Siddhartha went on to teach others how to live there lives in such a way that they too might achieve an ultimate state of bliss, wisdom, freedom and compassion -enlightenment. All Buddhists believe in and follow these teachings.

Where did the Buddha first teach his new insights?

Buddha didn't teach really much. People that saw him and heard his stories and what he believes wrote down the things they heard and people started taking his stories and beliefs as a way of life. The buddha was just a symbol of the religion.

What led Siddhartha to become the Buddha?

According to his own story, the Buddha's enlightenment came from long contemplation on the nature of suffering. But ultimately, it was listening to a sitar player instruct his son as to the nature of usability of a string: A string which is wound too tightly will soon break; a string which is not tight enough will produce no sound, or the wrong sound. The Buddha then realized that true enlightenment is about balance. It was the end of his being an ascetic monk, and he then went on to teach people about balance.

Do you thinkThat Buddhism beliefs will change in the future?

I do not think so the buddha is very important to the Buddhist every one wants to get to enlightenment (like a heaven to them)so they can teach others about Buddhism also so they can be human again in their next life.

What is founder of buddism?

Prince Siddartha Gautama is the founder of Buddhism. He wanted to teach people how to overcome suffering.

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