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8-11 years minimum in "residence" in a surgeon college

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You get paid for as many years as you are working as a brain surgeon, as well as pension if you pay into one or receive it as a benefit.

to be a heart surgeon you would need to be in college for about 15-18 years give or take a few.

8-12 years of college, plus when I'm older i want to be a surgeon

4 years of undergraduate studies, 4 years of medical school, 4 years of residency in general surgery, and 2-4 years neurosurgery.

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you have to go to collage for 7 9 years!!!!

you need to go to college for 4 years. then you go to medecal school for about 6 years

You need about 4 years of college and medical school to earn a degree of medicine and become a surgeon.

It takes about 15-16 years to become a heart surgeon. To become a heart surgeon, you will need to complete college (4 years), medical school (4 years), a residency in general surgery (5 years), and then specialized training in cardiothoracic surgery (3 years).

Four years of undergraduate studies, four years of medical school, four years of general surgeon and 4 of other surgeon. It's about 14-16 years of school.

Enough to be able to spell the word surgeon.

yes, a brain surgeon is the same thing as a neurosurgeon, it is just another way of saying it, but you don't see too many surgeons saying brain surgeon!

To become a physician/surgeon, it takes eight years post high school completion, and an additional three to eight years to complete the internship and residency requirements depending on the specialty.

A brain surgeon works 2 hours per day unless they have to do surgery

4 years of college, 4 years of medical school, 5 years of residency, 2-3 years of surgical critical care fellowship training.

At least two, and more probably three or four. You then have four years of medical school. A newly graduated (from medical school) doctor does not simply get to run out and go into business as a brain surgeon, they have to do a "residency" in their specialty. For neurosurgery, the typical length of this residency is 6 or 7 years.

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The average yearly salary for a brain surgeon is roughly 345,000. This will increase significantly for someone who has been doing it for many years.

It takes 7 - 12 yrs to become a oral surgeon, it depends which school or hospital you go to.

A rule of thumb is that it'll take you about 30 years. 4 years of med school, 8 years of residency and 18 years to learn how to spell surgeon.

From day one to post-graduate study to make yourself Board Certified in this specialty area, about 16 years.

It takes more than just going to college to become an orthopaedic surgeon. I believe the question was more likely how many years of education and that can depend on a few factors but for the most part it is as follows: 4 years of College 4 years of Medical School (Graduate School) 5 years of Residency in Orthopaedics 1 year of Fellowship Training in a particular area of interest (not required) So it can be as quick (or as long) as 13 years

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11 years from what i heard. 4 years undergrad 4 years med school 3+ years residency (thats where you learn the skills required to be a orthopedic surgeon)