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How many years does Saturn take to complete an orbit around the sun?


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Saturn completes one orbit around the Sun in 29.4571 years.

It takes Saturn 29.457 Earth years to complete an orbit around the Sun. That is the same as 10759.22 Earth days or 258221.28 Earth hours.

Around 29 and a half Earth years for Saturn to orbit the Sun.

It requires about 29.43 earth years (about 10,742 earth days) to complete one orbit around the sun.

Yes, it takes Saturn just a little less than 30 years (about 29.4571 years) to complete an orbit of the sun.

It takes Saturn 10,832 Earth days to complete one orbit around the Sun. That would be 29.7 years on Earth.

A Saturn year is equivalent to 29.7 Earth years. It takes Saturn 10,832 earth days to complete a single orbit around the sun.

It takes Saturn 10 hours and 39 minutes to complete one rotation. Saturn takes about 29.5 years to orbit around the Sun.

it takes 29.46 Earth years for Saturn to orbit the sun once.

Saturn does not orbit the Earth. Saturn and Earth orbit the Sun. Earth takes about 1 year to do so and Saturn takes about 29 years and 6 months to do so.

Saturn revolves around the sun once every 29.4 Earth years.It takes Saturn 10,759 Earth days (about 29.5 Earth years) to orbit the Sun.Saturn takes 29.447 years to make one orbit of the sun.10759 days, which is around 29.5 years.

Saturn doesn't orbit the earth - the moon does. Saturn orbits around the sun just as we do, except it takes 29 years to do so.

It takes about 29.46 Earth years for Saturn to orbit around our sun.

Saturn takes around 29 3/4 earth years to orbit fully around the sun

To make one complete orbit around the sun it takes Saturn 11.9 Earth years or 4330 Earth days.

Saturn has a massive solar orbit duration as compared to Earth. Saturn requires 29-years to complete just one orbit of Sun. The longest period is that of Neptune requiring more than five times longer at 165-years. The shortest orbit period is that of Mercury at a short 88-days.

why does it take 30 earth years for saturn to orbit the sun ?

As Saturn is a planet , it is in orbit around the Sun and not always in the same position .This means any objects which appear to be near it in the sky will vary according to the Earths position in its annual journey , and Saturns own orbit , which takes over 29 of our years to complete...

The planet Saturn completes one revolution around the Sun in about 29.66 years.

It takes 10,759 Earth days (or about 29½ years), to orbit once around the Sun.

It takes Saturn about 29.5 Earth years to orbit the Sun. The length of its orbit, in kilometers, is about : 9,006,624,000.

Saturn takes 29 earth years for one orbit, so someone who has reach 8 years on earth (ie orbited the sun 8 times on earth) would be 8/29 ≈ 0.28 years old on Saturn, ie they would have completed about 0.28 of one orbit of Saturn around the sun. As Saturn takes about 24491 Saturn days to complete one orbit of the sun they would be 8/29 × 24491 ≈ 6756 Saturn days old compared to the 365.25 × 8 = 2922 Earth days they are.

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