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How many years does it take before student loans do not have to be repaid?

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2012-08-08 19:40:03

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You are supposed to start to pay back student loans from Sally Mae

6 months after you graduate, but if you call them every few months

and tell them you're broke they will give you another grace period

of 6 months. Of course they will add interest, but everything adds

interest. I owed 15000 10 years ago and I think I made about 3

payments, but I now owe 21000.

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The above may not be accepted in all cases.

From someone who has been in default on student loans for many

years (and recently came out of default and is getting refinanced),

except in very RARE special circumstances, once you take out a

student loan it does not matter how many years pass, it NEVER gets

to a point that you do not have to repay it. Student loans cannot

be dissolved through bankruptcy. If you default on the loans, the

government can (and often will) keep any Federal income tax refunds

you could get. They can (and often will) garnish your wages. The

amount they garnish can be large. Those are the facts.

The best thing to do is not get students loans at all. If you

do, keep them to a bare minimum. Nothing guarantees that you will

get a good job when you graduate, but you will owe the money


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