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2 Don't waste your time with an associates degree. Most forensic labs require an MS. Even with a BS you won't be doing what you see on TV.

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Q: How many years does it take to get an associate's degree in forensic science?
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How long does it take to get associates degree in computer science?

Generally, it takes two years to complete an Associates degree. You can complete a Bachelors degree in four years at a college or university.

Can I get an accounting degree after having a science BA?

Accounting is a mathematics degree not a science degree. you would have to go to college for at least an additional 2 years in order to have at least the associates degree.

If you have a Associates of Science how long will it take to get a bachelor's degree?

If you took a transferable degree at the associates level, and are transferring to a college or university within the same program of study you completed at the associates level, then it should take an additional two years to complete the bachelors degree.

Can I get a Bachelors in physics in two years if i already have an associates in science?

Probably but you need to work this all out with the college giving the BS degree.

How many years of training do you need to become a forensic scientist?

you have to have 8 years of collage consisting of classes such as math bioligy science. you have to have a masters degree and so oneyou have to have 8 years of collage consisting of classes such as math bioligy science. you have to have a masters degree and so one

What is the possible career for forensic science?

forensic scientist, you could (with a few extra years of tertiary education) become a school teacher or even take your degree to a pHd level and become a professor

What degree does an LPN have who went to school for 2 years?

Associates degree

Bachelor of science in psychology?

A bachelors of science in psychology involves a much heavier science focus than a bachelors of arts. An associates degree is half of a bachelors... or two of the required four years.

Is an associate's degree 2 years or 4?

an associates degree is a 2 year degree

What degree will you get if you go to college for two years?

Two years may qualify you for an Associates Degree.

How long does it takes to get a MS degree?

* Associates degree --- 2 years * Bachelors degree ---- 4 years * Masters degree ------ 5 years * PhD degree ----------- 8 years

What degree is before a bachelor's degree?

Associates degree, which usually takes two years, where a bachelor's degree takes four years.

How many years does it take to be a science forensic?

4/5 years

How long does it take to get an assiocate degree?

An associates degree can be obtained in two years.

How long does it take to earn an associates degree?

An associates degree is designed to be completed in 2 years going full time. Since many people are doing it part time, it can take longer.

Is a certificate in forensic science the same as a bachelor's degree in forensic science?

No. Certificates are much easier to receive (around one year of studying, sometimes even one semester); bachelor's degrees require around 3 to 4 years of post-secondary education.

How long does it take to get a bachelor of science degree?

A bachelors in anything normally takes you 4 years. Just like an associates degree is usually 2 years, a masters is 6 years and a doctorate is 8 years. Of course there are exceptions to everything but this is what it is normally understood to be.

How many years does it take to earn a doctorate degree in forensic psycology?

It take 11 to 12 years doctorate degree in forensic psycology so try your best and stay in school

How many years of school to you attend to receive a bachelor's degree?

2 years = associates degree 4 years = bachelor's degree 6 years = master's degree 8+ = doctorate/professional degree

With an associate's degree in science how long does it take to get a BSN?

It should take an additional 2 years, given that all your credits transfer from the school where you earned the associates degree to the 4 year school.

How long does it take to obtain your associates degree?

two years

How many years of school are necessary to be a forensic scientist?

Forensic Technicians usually need at least a bachelor's degree (four years of school).

How much does a Forensic Science earn?

forensic scientist can earn around 35k a year for the first two years.

How many years does it take to become a forensic scientist?

4 years to get your Bachelor's Degree, and an extra 2 years to get a Master's Degree (optional)

What jobs are available if you have an associates degree in accounting?

It depends on what kind of accounting job that you want. You can get an associates degree in Accounting ( two years of education)... or you can get a bachelors degree (four years), masters degree (six years)... so on and so forth... the more education, the more money you will make.