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Q: How many years have pandas been on Earth?
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How many pandas on earth?

The population of pandas is about 2,000.

Exactly how many pandas are on the earth today an hoow many are living?

About 5000 pandas live now

How many years have volcanoes been around for?

They have been on Earth since Earth has existed.

How many years has fish been on earth?

about 25,000 years

How many years has Kilimanjaro been on earth for?

6,0000 years

How many humans have been killed by red pandas?

It's just the opposite - too many red pandas have been killed by humans.

How many years has Earth been there?

2021 Years because this year is 2021

How many pandas have been killed by poaching?


How long have leopards lived on earth?

Leopards have been obviously, around for many many years. In fact scientists have learned that they have been on the face of the earth for about 3-4 million years.

How many red pandas were there a 100 years ago?

10,000 redpandas were on earth in 1913 now (2013) ther are less than 3000 redpandas

How many pandas were there 20 years ago?

7 ½

How many years have dolphins been on the Earth?

Imbossible to find out.

How many years has the paua been alive for?

Paua as a species has been existing on Planet earth for millions of years. Paua by its self can live for about 30 years.

How many years have turkeys been on earth?

They have been here since the very beginning.

How many years have dogs been on earth?

Foxes have been on earth for more than ten thousand years. they were used for hunting for lots of people a long time ago.

Has earth been hit by a asteroid?

Over the millions of years the Earth has been hit by many meteorites, some of which may have been asteroids.

Approxiamtley how many years has Stonehenge been standing?

APPROXIMATELY, Stonehenge has been standing on this Earth for 5000 years..........................................................You're Welcome!

How many years has the earth been alive?

Although one can argue whether or not Earth is actually 'alive', science shows that Earth is 4.6 billion years old.

What was the name of the asteroid that hit earth?

They have not been named. There have been many of them over the millions of years.

What is the furthest star in the galaxy that has been viewed from earth and how many light years away is the star?

The galaxy MACS0647-JD is the furthest star in the gallery that has been viewed from the earth. It is 3.3 billion light-years from Earth.

How many pandas have been killed in Scotland?

Pandas do not live in Scotland and have never lived in that country. They are found only in China.

How many years have frogs been on earth?

about 190 million years

How many years has the world been here?

The Earth is approximately 4.567 billion (4,567,000,000) years old.

For how long has the Earth been in existence?

According to the scientific consensus Earth has been in existence for approximately 4.5 billion years. This is in contradiction with the view many religious people have. They hold the view that Earth is around 6000 years old.

How many years have horses been on earth?

2 billyon years and the earth has bin her for 4 billyon years with life on it for all we know so far as in we i ment the world