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How many years of college does a person need to become a forensic pathologist?

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You'll need a four year college degree, then four years of medical school to become a doctor, then a specialty in pathology.

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Q: How many years of college does a person need to become a forensic pathologist?
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Is a forensic pathologist different from a forensic pathologist technician?

Forensic pathologist is a doctor that took specialized forensic training at a fellowship after medical school, a tech only requires GED or better and this person works with / for the doctor.

The scientific name of the person that does the autopsy for the answer of death?

Forensic Pathologist

What is a forensic pathologist?

A pathologist is a scientist who interprets and diagnoses change in body tissues, fluids and and organs, as in, for example, a post-mortem examination: the extensive investigation after death of the cause of that death. Forensics is applying scientific methods to the investigation of crime, or in order to give evidence in court cases. So a forensic pathologist investigates and reports on the means by which a person has died of disease, or been injured or killed in order to assist a criminal investigation or prosecution. Forensics are not confined to personal injury cases; forensic investigation covers the checking of evidence such as DNA, fingerprints, and so on. We also employ forensic accountants, archaeologists and so on. The word comes from the Latin for forum, in the sense of a court or tribunal.

What is the scientific name of a person who studies fungus?


Can you become a veterinarian by doing online college?

No, you have to go to veterinarian college in person.

What college classes are needed to become a firearms specialist?

A Forensics Firearms Analyst is a person who has attained a bachelor's degree in Forensic Sciences or another physical science and has completed an internship in which they are trained to analyze evidence pertaining to firearms.

How do you become a weapon scientist?

There are no schools specifically for weapon's science. However, a person may major in forensic science with a concentration in the physics that goes along with weaponry. From there, a person may become an expert.

What is the difference between a pathologist and mircobiologist?

A pathologist is a person who tries to diagnose a disease . A microbiologist generally studies microorganisms such as bacteria and fungi .

How does a person become an ESL teacher?

A person can become an ESL teacher by taking college classes to get an education degree. Contact your local college to see if they offer the degree you want.

What is a Forensic Scientist?

A forensic scientist is a person who analyzes the evidence at a crime scene.

What is the Person that has to faind out why other people die called?

A pathologist.

What could a person do to become an OBGYN?

To become an OB/GYN a person must graduate from college and attend medical school.

The person who specialize is concerned with the study of all aspects of diseases?


What is the difference between a veterinarian pathologist and a veterinarian associate?

im pretty sure veterinarian is a person that wrks with animals i don't think a pathologist has nothing to do with a animal

What do you call a person that studies gravity and vaccines?

A physicist and a pathologist. There is no single term for someone that does both. A pathologist may specifically study the effects of gravity on vaccines

Is a pathologist a doctor?

Yes,Definitely .. A pathologist is in fact a doctor's doctor. Without a pathologist its not possible for a hospital to function. Any blood report, biopsy reports which determine the future treatment for a patient are done with the help of a pathologist. Its the Pathologist who gives or helps to give the Diagnosis for any patient based on the various lab tests performed. According to Wordnet a pathologist is a doctor who specializes in medical diagnosis. Other sites indicate a pathologist is a specialist in pathology, with one site indicating a person who specializes in the study and practice of pathology.

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a pathologist is who studies beans and legumes

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What degree in college does a person need to become a microbiologist?

you need a doctoral degree

How many years does a person have to stay in college to become a vet?

8 years

How many years of college does a person need to become a electrician?

3 years

Where could a person buy computer forensic software?

One can purchase computer forensic software from various websites like Forensic and OSForensics. Both websites offer a variety of downloads, including forensic software.

Why is it good to be a forensic?

you can help arrest the rite person

What is the highest degree a person can get in forensic science?


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