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The role of record producer has become more and more important with the continued evolution of the modern recording studio. The technological advances have also made it progressively easier for anyone to become a competent record producer.

If one is content to produce music on their own, in the home studio setting, then any training can be done through independent book learning and hands-on discovery. On the other hand, if one wants to pursue record production as a serious career option, then professional training in a formal educational environment.

There are a variety of schools that offer different types of training for record producers. There are an increasing number of universities that offer degree programs for popular music production. Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU) is one such school and is among the best in the southeast. Another option is a vocational or trade school. Such schools are becoming commonplace in many parts of the country. These types of school usually offer anything from a one week course, such as the Pro Tools training offered at the Atlanta Institute of Music, to full courses lasting a year or longer. Schools of this type include: Musician's Institute in L.A., Atlanta Institute of Music and Full Sail.

Some of the aforementioned trade schools also offer training in many different areas of electronic media, giving the prospective graduate a "foot in the door" to several different areas. Full Sail, for example, has programs in music production, television, movies and Video Games. At such a school, a program in music production could lead to doing sound design for a video game.

The salary for a producer has a very wide range, literally from several thousand dollars per year to hundreds of thousands and beyond.

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