Benjamin Franklin

How many years was Benjamin Franklin in politics?

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How many years of schooling did Benjamin Franklin have?

12 years

How many years did Benjamin Franklin had?

Franklin lived to the ripe age of 81.

How many years did Benjamin Franklin lived?


How many years did Benjamin Franklin got to school?

3 years

How many years did Benjamin Franklin go to school?

Ben Franklin had went to school for two years

Did benjamin franklin work with any other scientist?

As far as it is known to the date, Benjamin Franklin did not work with other scientists. Even if he is famous for having worked in many areas of knowledge (from electricity to politics), Benjamin Franklin is believed to have done everything on his own.

How many years did Benjamin Franklin go to school ranklin go to school?

2 years

How did Benjamin Franklin inspire many people?

how did benjamin franklin inspire people

What did colonial Americans think of Benjamin Franklin?

Franklin was revered by people all over the colonies, Britain, and France - even (to a certain extent) by many who did not agree with his politics.

How many years of scholing did Benjamin Franklin have?

He had two years of schooling in the boston grammar (Latin) school

How many years of formal education did Benjamin Franklin have?

Franklin attended school for two years. Everything else he learned, was as an apprentice or was self-taught.

How many terms are served while Benjamin Franklin is president in Pennsylvania?

Ben Franklin was President of Pennsylvania for 3 years

Did Benjamin Franklin have a beard?

There are many images of Ben Franklin, but no known portraits or images of Benjamin Franklin with a beard.

How was Benjamin Franklin effected by war?

Benjamin Franklin was effected by the war because, He helped write the Declariton and the Constution. He wrote many pamphlets. He also was in the war for 8 years!

How many years did Benjamin Franklin serve in the presidency of the US?

Benjamin Franklin never served as president of the United States of America. This was primarily due to his age and ill health.

Did Benjamin Franklin invent the television?

Benjamin Franklin made many discoveries and invented many useful things in his life. However, he did not invent the television. The television didn't come along until 1927-- 137 years after Franklin died.

How many children did Benjamin Franklin have?

Benjamin Franklin had 3 kids a girl and two boys.

What year did Benjamin Franklin invent the bifocals?

In no year. Benjamin Franklin did not invent bifocals; they had been invented by two other people, independently of each other, many years before.

How many brothers did Benjamin Franklin have?

he had 9 brothers, and seven sisters....Benjamin Franklin was the youngest son

What did Benjamin Franklin do during the french and Indian war?

Benjamin Franklin spent 2 years with the Iroquois Indians. This was a great influence on the Constitution. This is where many of the new ideas came from about how government should be.

Why is Benjamin Franklin associated with electricity?

Benjamin Franklin was highly interested in electricity, and made many discoveries concerning it

How many grandchildren did Benjamin Franklin?

ben Franklin had 8 grandchildren

Did Benjamin Franklin invent money?

No, Benjamin Franklin did not invent money. Money existed many centuries before Benjamin Franklin lived. You can read in the Old Testament of the Bible about Abraham using money in 2,000 B.C. That was 4,000 years ago. However, Benjamin Franklin invented a number of different things such as bifocals and the Franklin stove and profited from his inventions. When he died, either he or George Washington was the richest man in the United States.

What were the tensions Benjamen Franklin had?

Benjamin Franklin had many tensions, or struggles. From his role in America's founding and Constitution to his presidency and time as a politician and inventor, Benjamin Franklin faced many stressors.

How many statues of Benjamin Franklin are there?