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How many years was Dachau opened for during the war?

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All of them: Dachau was one of the first camps, it's near Munich. I think it opened it's gates, bearing the words Arbeit mach Frei, in 1934.

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What were Dachau and Auschwitz?

Dachau and Auschwitz were two well-known concentration camps of the many that Nazi Germany opened. Dachau was ostensibly a detention camp for dissenters and "political prisoners", but many, many people died there. Auschwitz was an outright death camp, where people were sent to be killed by "annihilation by work", or by being sent directly to the gas chambers.

How many casualties were there at Dachau?

There were 40,500 deaths at Dachau.

How many priests in dachau?

2720 Priests were in Dachau concentration camp.

How many years has disneyland been opened?

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How many people died at Dachau?

It was estimated 25,613 prisoners died at Dachau.

How many people occupied Dachau?

Dachau was the first of the concentration camps to be opened by Nazi's in Germany. There was a continuous population of at least 12,000 people held at the camps between 1942 and 1945. There were an estimated 32,000 killed while interred at or brought to the camp for the purpose of extermination.

How many Jews died in Dachau?

Contrary to a widespread misconception, Dachau was not an extermination camp ..."Over its twelve years as a concentration camp, the Dachau administration recorded the intake of 206,206 prisoners and 31,951 deaths. Crematoria were constructed to dispose of the deceased" (Source: Wikipedia article on Dachau, accessed on 9 November 2010).Most of the Jews who were killed at Dachau were sent there as political prisoners and not primarily because they were Jews.

How many were killed at Dachau?


How many years ago was the Chamber of Secrets first opened?

The Chamber of Secrets was opened 50 years before, in 1943.

How many people died at the Dachau concentration camp?

The Wikipedia article on Dachau gives the figure as 25,613.

What happened during liberation of dachau?

Some guards were killed by liberated inmates, many more were murdered by the American soldiers.

How many years since the Chamber of Secrets was opened?

The Chamber of Secrets was first opened in 1942, then 50 years later in 1992.

When was the Dachau camp used?

Dachau, the first of many Nazi concentration camps was opened in Germany on 22 March 1933. The camp was officially surrendered to the victorious allies 29 April 1945. Immediately after the liberation of Dachau the Americans, so shocked by what they had come across, executed some of the camps guards and also let the prison inmates kill a large number of guards and regular soldiers in what is now known as the Dachau massacre. 2 or 3 where executed by hanging after court trials.

How many deaths accorded in dachau?


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How many people were killed in dachau?

Only 50,000

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How many miles are between munich and dachau?

the Answer is 13 Miles.

How many germans were killed during the holocaust?

It's known to be that 700 SS Guards were killed due to heavy resistance by the prisoners in the camps and Ghettos, most of this was done during the Warsaw uprising where 300 SS guards were killed and 1,000 wounded. However, if you include during liberation then 900 SS Guards were killed, most of them were from Dachau, this was known as the Dachau massacre. see related links.

How many survivors were there in Dachau concentration camp?

160,000 People survived Dachau Concentration Camp but most were deported to other Concentration Camps where most were killed.

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How is Dachau used today?

It is now a museum, with many aspects restored to how they were during its time as a concentration camp. There are many memorials/shrines at the museum, created by various groups representing the different victims.

When did the Dachau Death March started and what happened during it?

On Thursday 26th April 1945, just three days before the liberationof the Dachau camp, the SS forces about 7,000 prisoners on a death march from Dachau south to Tegernsee. During the six-day death march, the SS shoots anyone who cannot keep up or continue marching. Many others die of exposure, hunger, or exhaustion. The surviving prisoners will arrive in Tegernsee on May 2, 1945, where American forces liberate them.