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Usually 8. That's four years of college for your bachelors and four years in an accredited graduate school for veterinary medicine.

To my knowledge, you must have the two-year pre-veterinary program and a four-year veterinary program. That's six. Then there's at least three years in a residency program.

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Q: How many years would it take after high school to get your DVM Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine?
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Why do you need to go a veterinary medicine school?

You would need to attend a school of veterinary medicine if you wanted to become a veterinarian.

Who is the Father of Veterinary Medicine?

For modern veterinary medicine, this would be Dr. Claude Bourgelat. He founded the first modern school of veterinary medicine in Lyon, France in 1862.

Where would you go to get a eduation to be a veterinarian?

You need to attend an accredited school of veterinary medicine.

How long would it take to get a doctorate's degree in Veterinary Medicine?

It would take four years to complete the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (D.V.M. or V.M.D.) degree.For the source and more detailed information concerning your request, click on the related links section (U.S. Department of Labor) indicated at the bottom of this answer box.

What colleges in Maryland offer a degree in veterinary medicine?

There are no schools of veterinary medicine in Maryland; the closest would be Virginia Polytechnical.

How do you become a veterinarian in Norway?

You would need to attend an accredited college of veterinary medicine in Norway. However, I am not familiar with the specific requirements for admission to veterinary school in Norway.

Can you go medical school to be a vet?

No, medical school is specific for human physicians. To study to become a veterinarian, you would need to attend a school of veterinary medicine.

What English is required to become a veterinarian?

In the United States, the schools of veterinary medicine teach primarily in English, so you would need to be conversationally and scientifically fluent in written and spoken English. However, in Mexico and a fair number of schools in South America, veterinary medicine is taught in Spanish since this is the primary language of those countries. In France, veterinary medicine is taught in French; in Germany veterinary medicine is taught in German. Veterinary medicine is not a specifically English-based profession - it translates across all languages. Incidentally, the first modern school of veterinary medicine was founded in Lyon, France, so one could make the argument that veterinary medicine was taught in French and then translated into English.

What college major would a veterinarian choose?

In veterinary school, the major is veterinary medicine. In undergraduate college in the United States before vet school, there is no required major, although biology, chemistry and animal science are popular choices.

Do you need to become a veterinary Technician first and then a vet or what?

No, veterinary technology and veterinary medicine are two different professions and degree programs. For someone looking to become a veterinarian, they would choose a university which offers a degree program in veterinary medicine. For someone looking to become a veterinary technician, they would choose an AVMA accredited veterinary technology degree program.

What dergee would you need for a veterinary?

In the US, the degree required to practice veterinary medicine is a DVM (Doctor of Veterinary Medicine) or VMD (Veterinary Medical Doctor, specific to graduates from The University of Pennsylvania's School of Veterinary Medicine). This is a four-year graduate degree program that you can apply to only after completing at least three years of undergraduate college courses. Other countries have different requirements for education and different names for the final degree, but the knowledge base and competence are equivalent.

What kind of college degree would be acquired to be a veterinarian?

doctor of veterinary and medicine

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