How many zip codes does the island of Manhattan have?

By my count, Manhattan Island has 42 zip codes, not including Central Park (which is zip code 00083), and the surrounding islands that are considered to be part of Manhattan (Roosevelt Island, which is zip code 10044, and Governor's Island, which is zip code 10004), and the neighborhood of Marble Hill (zip code 10463), which is geographically in the Bronx, but considered to be part of Manhattan because it once was (see the Related Question below for details).

Including all of these things, Manhattan has 46 zip codes (by my count, anyway). See the Related Link below for the zip code map I used, but note that it is a bit outdated: the 10021 zip code has since been split into 3 zip codes: the old 10021, and the new 10065 and 10075 zip codes. It is possible that there have been other changes in the zip codes that I am unaware of, which would make my answer slightly inaccurate.