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any amount of marijuana smoked will eventually show up in the urine.

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Q: How marijuana do you have to smoke for THC to show up in your urine?
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How long do marijuana THC stay in your urine if you smoke 3 to 4 times a day?

This will depend on when you stop smoking the marijuana. If you continue to smoke every single day, the THC will remain in your urine until you stop smoking.

Does oxycodone show up as THC results in urine?

No THC is marijuana, oxycodone is an opiate

If i smoke a little bit of marijuana in the last few days and i don't have to take the urine test for 5 more days will the THC show up?

how long after smoking a little marijuana will it still show up ?

Does marijuana show in a urine test?

no, urine tests look for liver metabolites of THC. radiation is not used.

Does mrsmiley show in a urine drug test?

Mr. Smiley does not show up in a urine test. It does not contain THC which is what marijuana will show up as.

How long does marijuana stay in the urine from a contact high?

I'm assuming you mean "will THC show up on a urine test from a contact high?" (meaning you didn't actually smoke, you were buzzed by "second-smoke") to which the answer is NO. A contact high means you have less than 5% of the THC from the entire sesh in your system.

Does radiation show marijuana in a urine test?

no, urine tests look for liver metabolites of THC. radiation is not used.

How can you get a dirty urine for THC if you don't smoke marijuana?

The only way you would get thc in your system is if you eat or smoke it. You might inhale second hand weed smoke if someone is in a car or in an enclosed small room.

Will ecstasy show up in a marijuana urine test?

no if it's just a marijuana test than it will be testing for THC mdma

Does marijuana and percocet show up as the same thing on a drug test?

No. There is no THC in percs. They contain acetaminophen and oxycodone but no THC which is found in marijuana.

Diazepam will it show for thc in urine test?

No, Diazepam will not show for THC in a urine test.

How does THC enter your system?

you smoke marijuana and THC sticks to your fat cells.