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How may mm squared equals 1cm squared?

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There are 10mm in 1cm. Therefore there are 102mm2 in 1cm2 which equals 100 square millimetres.

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There is an infinite amount of mm in 1cm squared. but there is 100 mm squared in 1cm squared. because 1cm=10mm, 1cm squared = 1cmx1cm, 1cm squared = 10mmx10mm.

1cm=10mm Therefore, 1cm2=100mm2 Then,10cm2=1000mm2

1cm = 10mm 11mm x 1cm/10mm = 1.1cm

There are 10mm in a cm. However, when talking about the area, the units are squared, and so too is the difference between cm and mm. 10x10 is 100, which is the conversion factor. 1cm^2 is 100mm^2.

There is approximately 23.38 inches in 594 mm to figure it out 10 mm = 1cm and 1cm = .39 inchesDirect Conversion Formula594 mm * 1 in25.4 mm = 23.38582677 in

Yes. One centimeter equals ten milimeters. 1cm=10mm 10mm=1cm

51mm = 0.51 cm 1cm=10mm

10mm=1cm therefore 2495mm=295.5cm

.85 cm = 8.5mm 1cm =10mm

There are 10mm in 1cm so 28cm = 280mm.

There are 10mm to 1cm so there are 130mm to 13cm

1cm = 10mm, therefore 3.2cm = 32mm.

No. There are 10mm in 1cm. Therefore there 200cm equals to 2000mm.

40.2cm equals 402mm1cm = 10mm1mm = 0.1cm

456mm equals 45.6cm1cm = 10mm1mm = 0.1cm

there are 10mm in 1cm.

There are 10mm in 1cm.

1cm = 10mm 1000cm = 10mm * 1000 = 10000mm

1cm=10mm, so 0.8 cm=8mm.

19.55mm equals 1.955cm1cm = 10mm1mm = 0.1cm

34.9mm equals 3.49cm1cm = 10mm1mm = 0.1cm

530mm equals 53cm1cm = 10mm1mm = 0.1cm

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