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5*5.5 = 27.5 square meters

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How do you convert meters square to lineal meters?

You have to know the shape of it, and you may need to know another dimension of the shape. The simplest way to look at it is say you are given 64m2 and you know it is a square. a square's formula for area is length x length. so length is square root of area, which is 8m

How may square feet in 38 square meters?

38 square meters = 409 square feet

How may square feet in 94 square meters?

94 square meters is 1,011.81 square feet.

How may square feet in 15 square meters?

15 square meters is 161.46 square feet.

How may square meters in a acre?

1 acre is 4,046.86 square meters.

4000 square feet how may meters is it?

4000 (square feet) = 371.61216 square metersCourtesy of Google.

How may square meters is 8 feet by 13 feet?

104 square feet = 9.66192 square meters.

How may square meters in 24 meters by 3 meters?

24 metres x 3 metres = 72 square metres.

How may square feet in 92.5 square meters?

multiply by 10.7639 to get convert sq meters to sq feet

How may square feet in 40 square meters?

40 m2 = 430.556 square feet.

How may square feet in 600 square meters?

Answer: 600 m² = 6,458.346 ft²

What can be measured in square meters?

As square meters are a measure of area, you can measure any area you like in square meters. However: for large areas, eg the area of a piece of land, hectares or square kilometers may be more appropriate; for small areas, eg the area of a piece of paper, square cenitmeters or square millimeters may be more appropriate.

What is the customary unit for area?

This may be in any measure of length, such as inches or feet, or in metric, in meters. Area is expressed as square of the measure, as, square feet, square meters, etc.

Convert 450 square meters into square feet?

450 square meters = 4843.7596875 square feet. you may find the related link site I will place below helpful for this sort of conversion question.

One yard is equal to how many square meter?

You can't convert linear measure to square measure; the two are utterly incompatible. You may, however, convert yards to meters, or square yards to square meters.

How do you figure dimension of a triangle?

Unanswerable because the dimensions wanted and those given, from which the wanted value may be calculated, are not stated.

How may square feet are 1600 meters?

Answer: 1,600 m² = 17,222.256 ft²

What is the area of May-sur-Orne?

The area of May-sur-Orne is 3,490,000.0 square meters.

What is the area of Cape May Historic District?

The area of Cape May Historic District is 1,537,805.4405120001 square meters.

A carpet 23foot by 12 foot how may sq meters is this?

A 23' x 12' carpet covers an area of about 25.64 square meters.

How do you convert 4hectares to acres to sqmeters?

1 hectare = 10000 square meters = 2.471 acres 4 hectare = 40000 square meters = 9.884 acres you may try below link for other conversion

1 feet how many square meter?

1 feet is a length unit square meter is an areaunit. There is nothing equal.The possible question may be: 1 square feet is how many square meters?"1 square feet equals 0.09290304 square meters.Scroll down to related links and look at "Conversions of area and surface units"

20 square meters is how many square yards?

1 yard = 3 feet 1 square yard = 9 square foot 1 foot = 0.3048 meter 1 square foot = 0.0929 square meter 20 square meters x 1 square foot/0.0929 square meter x 1 square yard/9 square foot = 23.9 square yards you may try the link below for an online conversion

What is a dimension line?

Lines that define the parameters of a dimension.Dimension lines are thin lines terminating in arrowheads. Place dimension lines no closer than 3/8" from the object outline. Parallel dimension lines should be a minimum of 1/4" apart. You may place parallel dimension lines more than 1/4" apart so long as the spacing between dimension lines is uniform throughout the drawing. Dimension lines are generally broken in the center of the line to provide a space for the dimension figure. Dimension figures for parallel dimension lines are staggered. In some structural or architectural drawings, you may find dimension figures placed above the dimension line.

How much does it cost per square meter to surface a track?

Any where from 15.00 per square meter up to $50.00 per square meter. Thus for a 3000 Square Meters [13mm polyurethane surface] 3000 square meters can cost $150,000.00. The more surface area and higher quality materials may cost more.

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