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An answer to this must be mostly supposition but - No death camps = no Holocaust and 6,000,000 + lives saved. There would have been far fewer War Crime trials and quite possibly there would be no country called Israel. This would also mean a massive shift on the Nazi ideology including not trying to build an empire based on total suppression, destruction and terror etc. Germany could have obtained much more support / cooperation from the lands they invaded, thereby freeing up more troops etc.

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What different kinds of camps were there other than concentration camps?

Death camps

What are all the different concentration camps used during World War 2?

Concentration Camps Transit Camps Labour Camps Death Camps Extermination Camps.

What did they call Jews who worked inside the death camps?

Different death camps had different names for them. Auschwitz being the most famous camp and the one where most survivors of a Death Camp came from has the most recognisable name: Sonderkommando. This is a blanket term for them, there were many different roles and different detachments. Some people who worked in death camps were (for example) tailors and they never had to witness the horrors that other workers had to endure.

Why did they called it concentration camps instead of death camps?

All camps were technically concentration camps, generally the extermination camps were called 'death camps'.

Were all Nazi concentration camps death camps?

No not all of them. Some were labor camps, others POW camps, and some death camps.

Were Jews sent to death camps or concentration camps?

Most were sent to extermination (death) camps, but some were sent to concentration camps.

What was he difference between concentration camps and death camps?

Death camps were built to kill prisoners systematically

Where were concentration and death camps located?

Concentration camps were located in a lot of different countries. The main locations were in Poland, Germany and Holland.

What is the proper name for death camps?

The term death camps (in the Holocaust) refers mainly to extermination camps. Sometimes the very harshest concentration camps (Grade 3, such as Mauthausen) are also called death camps.

What was the biggest death camps?

There were about six death camps, the largest was Auschwitz (Birkenau).

Were there more death camps than concentration camps in World War 2?

Concentration camps were death camps. The people that were scheduled to die were concentrated into areas for easier delivery to the death chambers.

Are there still death camps?

As far as I know, there are no Nazi-style extermination camps carrying out mass shooting and/or gassings. BUt the Muslims still practice things like slavery and things like that also.

What year did Hitler bring in the death camps?

1933 Concentration camps started in 1933, the Death camps started in 1941.

How many death camps were in Europe?

Death camps were the Nazi's way to eliminate those who did not fit their mold. In all, there were seven death camps located in Europe.

What types of camps did Hitler make?

Concentration Camps Extermination Camps Labour Camps Transit Camps Death Camps.

Why did Germans build death camps?

Death camps were a simple way to do mass murders.

What is the difference in between the concentration camps and the death camps?

concentration camps were in effect hard labour camps. Inintallly they were meant as re-education camps. Death camps only exised to process people into ash.

Why were the Jews in the concentration camps not the death camps?

They were in both..

What types of camps were there in Germany?

Concentration and Death Camps

What were death camps in Germany called?

Concentration camps :)

How much death camps did Hitler have?

thousands of camps he had

Why did the Nazis locate death camps near railroad lines?

Death camps and railroadsThe camps were located close to rail lines as the victims were transported to the camps by rail's. where where they

What was the most famous of Hitler's death camps?

Without a doubt, the most notorious and best known was Auschwitz.

What did the Jewish death camps keep the Jews from doing?

The death camps kept the Jews from living!

How were the children killed in the death camps?

in the Death Camps people were generally killed by poison gas.

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