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Teen's Ownership of 'Stuff'

Speaking personally (I have two teenage boys), I believe that teenagers today own way more 'stuff' than they did just a few short years ago. This is partly because there is more 'stuff' to own (i.e. iPods, a vast array of video game consoles, DVDs, surround sound systems, clothes and so on) and because parents are more liberal in buying 'stuff' for their teens. I call this neverending source of monetay funds Old Faithful Bank, funded by folks known as Mom and Dad.

Speaking personally I am a teenager and it solely depends on how much stuff we can get.

speaking personally also, i am a teen too and i work for all the stuff i own other than food and some clothes. my parents make me work for what i want and they pay for what need or have to have such as come clothes for school...i guess for me it just depends on what i can afford after my paycheck, and how much i want an i pod or video game......

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