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Taking coal to contain 50 percent carbon, which combines with oxygen during burning to form CO2, we can arrive at 1.83 kg CO2 for every 1 kg of coal burned. Another way to put it, taking the efficiency of power stations into account, is that 950 grams of CO2 is evolved for every KWh of electricity produced. Note that for natural gas it is more like 600 g per KWh for natural gas powered plants.

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How much water is produced when a ton of coal is burned?

Pure coal (?) , None, just CO2.

How does chemical reaction occur in a coal?

Burning of coal: c +o2 = co2.

Burning coal equation?

c+o2 = co2

What is the chemical reaction of coal burning?

c +o2 = co2

What is the chemical equation for coal burning?

C + o2 = co2

The burning of wood coal and natural gas produces?


Word equation for burning coal?

c + o2 -----------> co2

What is the word equation for burning coal?

C + o2 -----------> co2

How much CO2 produced by burning 1 kWh of gas?

it look's like 950 g/kWh for gas is the CO2 figure.

How much co2 shall be produced from burning of 1 m3 natural gas?

approx 1.96 kg CO2/m3 methane

How much CO2 is produced in 1 MW coal based power plant?

2600 tonnes of CO2 is released in 1mw of power generation

Can you use a gas syringe to measure the amount of CO2 gas is produced when burning coal or will the syringe melt?

You cannot use a gas syringe for this experiment.

What gas is produced by burning tobacco?

CO2 and CO

What gas is produced when a candle is burning?

Usually, it is CO2

Illustrate the chemical equation of burning of coal?

C +o2 = co2

How much CO2 will be produced for every kwh?

1 kWh creates approximately 1 kg of CO2 from a black coal fired power station.

When coal burns with air what is produced?

Carbon dioxide (CO2).

How is CO2 produced?

Most CO2 is produced through rotting vegetation or other natural processes. Man produces CO2 through the burning of fuels.

Is burning coal a reversible change?

No, for coal burning to be a reversible change, you would need the ability to take CO2 and turn it back into solid carbon.

What carbon dioxide is produced by planes?

Carbon dioxide (CO2) is produced by planes because CO2 is a result of the fuel burning.

What is the chemical equation for fossil fuels burning in the air?

For coal is carbon burning:C + O2 = CO2

Why are enviromentalists angry about coal with a high sulfur content?

Burning sulfur = CO2

How does burning gasoline and coal cause acid?

co2+h20= carbonic acid

Is CO2 produced while burning paper?

Yes, it is true.

How much carbon dioxide is produced from 1 MWh of electricity that is generated by coal?

1 tonne of coal produce 1.83 tonnes of carbon dioxide when burned 1 tonne of coal generates 2.4 MWhours 0.416 tonne of coal generates 1 MWh 0.416 tonne of coal times 1.83 tonnes of CO2/tonne of coal = 0.7625 tonnes of CO2 are produced from 1 MWh of electricity generated by coal