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How much Money would you get if a trade in 3 DS games 3 PSP games 3 Gamecube games and a PS2 game to gamestop?


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Not much, but it depends on what games they are and how many of them they have in stock.

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They Sell Them and you can also trade them in

You could on Ebay, but at gamestop, you can trade them for Gamestop giftcards

You can trade in games for money at gamestop, but you have to be 18 or older with a valid state issued ID. Otherwise you'll just get store credit on a gamestop edge card. Some states require you be 18 to trade.

You can trade a PS2 for credit toward a GameCube, but it will most likely not cover the cost itself.

You go to gamestop and ask to trade them in...

No, But If You Have The PS2, You Can Trade It In At Gamestop And Get Some Money Off Of Your Purchase Of The PS2 Slim.

No there is only the Gamestop site that tells what Gamestop sells the games for

$130.00 at gamestop for a pre-owned,but gamestop is cheap if you trade it back in :(

eb games or gamestop does not buy regular xbox so you will et no money for it.

Gamestop is a place where you can trade in games and consoles for store credit

they have to have a trade value other wise yes

You can use any games you have bought from anywhere and trade them into gamestop to get Game stop in store credits to purchase other games.

Trade, you can trade between the GameCube games and gba games if you have the right chords.

All of GameCrazy's locations have closed after parent company Movie Gallery's bankruptcy and liquidation. You could not trade most of the GameCube games before they closed

NO it depends on the game system

No how could you trade a GameCube

Target won't let you trade, but you should go to GameStop or some place like that, they'll give you money for your old games. The amount of money will vary depending on the condition of the game and age, ect.

Sort of... You can go to somewhere like GameStop and trade in your PS2 games for money, and then use that money to buy wii games. I don't know of anywhere where you can just swap games, though.

It depend if it is gamestop they will give 30 % of regular price

Yes: at Gamestop and Gamecrazy. However, they dont take regular Xbox games. is your best choose contact

um well no if you put the money on a special EB games card yes so yes and no

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