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How much Penicillin do you give your cat?


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Whatever your veterinarian prescribes.

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Can you give inj pcn to an injured cat?

The amount of penicillin you should give your cat for an eye infection should be left up to a veterinarian. Since penicillin is prescribed by a vet, he or she can tell you the exact dosage to help your cat recover quickly and effectively.

Cats can take penicillin for an upper respiratory infection if prescribed by a Vet. However, you should never give your cat penicillin without first talking to the Vet.

No. The Durvet Penicillin Injectable is not labeled for cats. I would suggest you take your cat to your veterinarian for advice.

Never heard of a cat, let alone a kitten taking penicillin.Take your cat to the vet and they will prescribe the proper medication for them.

A cat may need penicillin shots for several weeks for wounds. If a cat has wounds, a vet should be seen. The vet can determine how long the cat gets shots.

Not unless very much overdosed. Penicillin kills guinea pigs, and aspirin can kill cats.

Call the veterinarian who prescribed the penicillin and ask.

Fish pen penicillin can be given to a cat being treated for an infection. However, like with all drugs, it should only be given under the advice of a veterinarian.

Yes, cats can be treated with penicillin as well as penicillin-class drugs provided the medication has been prescribed for the cat by a veterinarian after an examination and diagnosis of infection. Giving a cat the wrong dose of penicillin, or giving it penicillin when it doesn't have an infection or the infection is not susceptible to penicillin, can cause severe medical problems.

You don't want to give your cat penicillin. If the cat has a puncture wound, it will become or already has become an abscess. That is where the wound does not heal properly from the inside out and closes over with the infection trapped inside. Take your cat into a Veterinarian to have it checked out. Normally they will clean out the abscess and put a penrose drain in it so it can continue to drain out the infection & then heal properly from the inside to the outside. The Vet will also put the cat on antibiotics, the proper ones for that type of infection.

The Golden Rule about giving medication to your pets is: NEVER give your pet ANY medication unless your vet specifically says it's okay. So, no, you cannot give Penicillin G Procaine, or any other medication, to a cat, unless you were instructed to do so by a licensed veterinarian.

This varies depending upon the formulation of the penicillin (injectable, topical, oral), the location and type of infection and the overall health status of the cat. If you believe your cat has a condition that needs treatment with penicillin, you should take your cat to your veterinarian.

Penicillin is a generic drug that has many different formulations. The amount to give a dog depends upon the infection being treated (type, location, severity), the health of the animal, the type of penicillin and the size of the animal. Your veterinarian would need to tell you how much penicillin to give your dog every time he needs penicillin, since each time the dose and the formulation may be different.

No - injectable penicillin is not safe to give orally.

The amount of penicillin you should give your dog will vary on a number of different factors. Because penicillin should only be prescribed by a vet, you should carefully follow the vet's instructions on the dosage.

Please see your small-animal vet about this. You should only be giving penicillin to a kitten (let alone any animal) if and ONLY if it has some sort of infection or illness. DO NOT give penicillin for no apparent reason!

Cats can be prescribed penicillin-class antibiotics and these drugs are commonly used for certain types of infections in cats. However, the dose varies widely depending upon the size of the cat, the type of infection being treated, the location of the infection being treated, the formulation of the penicillin and the overall health status of the cat. You would need to have your cat examined by a veterinarian and the penicillin prescribed by him/her to learn the exact dosage.

Do not give the cat any medication without consulting a veterinarian.

You should not give horses Penicillin for a cold, as a cold is caused by a virus and Penicillin is an Antibiotic and is not designed to treat a cold. You must let the cold run it's course, just like in a human.

Whatever dosage the veterinarian recommended.

It is safe to give this drug to your cat. It may kill your cat if you give your cat too much of the medication.

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