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Use the currency converter that I'll place for you under links. I check it every day, to compare it with the Canadian dollar.

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Q: How much Philippines pesos does an American dollar worth?
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What is American dollar worth in the Philippines?

42.80 philippine pesos

How much is five dollar bill from Philippines?

1 USD cost about 42 PHP I think.. All I know is my mom told me that ! Dollar is 41-43 PHP. . Hope this helps.. ♥

How many chilean pesos are equal to one American dollar?

As of today (02APR2011), $1 US Dollar is worth about 475.5 Chilean Pesos.

What is Japanese 100 dollar pesos worth?

Umm...Japenese curenncy is yen. not pesos. But it transers to 1.0092 US dollar. nice, huh? Improvement- The peso was used in the Philippines during WWII. It is worth a no more then a few dollars maybe 5 in great condition.

Is the us dollar worth more than the peso?

Yes. In a rough estimate, twelve pesos is equal to about one american dollar

How much is a fifty pesos coin worth?

In US Dollar, 50 Pesos is worth about $3.77

What is 1.00 dollar American money is worth how much in Cancun?

Approximately 13.10 pesos (Dec 2013)

How much is two million dollars worth in Filipino Pesos?

Philippine Pesos 83520000US Dollar $1 = Philippine Pesos 41.76US Dollar $2M = Philippine Pesos 83520000

How much 1 US Dollar in Philippine Pesos?

As at 04Dec09 1 US Dollar was worth 46.30 Philippine Pesos

1922 Philippines 5 pesos bill what is it worth?


How much is the Mexican money worth compared to the American dollar?

it varies. you type it in on google it willl telll you

How many American dollars is a Filipino dollar worth?

Let me correct you :) the Philippine currency is not dollar but Peso. A dollar (as of this first week of June) is equivalent to 42-43 Pesos.