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As much as your motherboad can handle. Don't cram its easy to install RAM. check the stats on you MB.

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Q: How much RAM should you cram on your motherboard?
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What should be done prior to the installation of RAM onto the motherboard?

Consult the motherboard documentation or website of the manufacturer to ensure that the RAM is compatible with the motherboard.

Why ram are not integated on mother board?

The reason for RAM not being intergrated on a motherboard is because theres different RAM sizes and how much RAM a motherboard can handle along with RAM speeds. My motherboard can handle up to 16gb RAM and that is equal to 4 4GB RAM cards and the speeds my motherboard can handle are 2000MHz.

What size processor do you need for RAM?

The processor size or speed does not determine how much RAM your system needs. Generally speaking, the newer the system, the more RAM you can add. The amount of RAM slots on a motherboard and the motherboard's own subsystem (the BIOS) will determine how much RAM you can add to a particular motherboard.

Is RAM located on the motherboard?

Yes, RAM is on the motherboard. Just exactly where it is depends on the motherboard form factor. Yes, RAM is on the motherboard. Just exactly where it is depends on the motherboard form factor. yes

How much RAM is on a motherboard?

It depends on what it came with and how much you've installed.

What troubleshooting technique should you apply if you are having problems with your motherboard?

first take the ram out then power it on if you hear the beeps it is not the motherboard, it is either the ram or hard drive.

Is the Corsair CMZ8GX3M2A1600C9 Vengeance ram compatible with the P8P67 Motherboard?

It should be compatible because the motherboard supports DDR3 ram and the Corsair CMZ8GX3M2A1600C9 Vengeance is DDR3!

Can you add desktop ram to a la laptop motherboard?

No, not usually. Check with your motherboard specifications to see what RAM is needed and the maximum RAM your motherboard can handle.

Does ram capacity depend upon motherboard?

The microprocessor determines how much RAM your computer can use

How does the choice of CPU and motherboard affect the choice of RAM?

The only thing that affects the decision on RAM is a motherboard. Your motherboard can only support a certain type of RAM.

How much RAM have I on my motherboard?

Go to Start, Control Panel and System. Under the General tab it will tell you how much RAM you have.

Can I use a 1GB PS2700 RAM in my Dell Inspiron 8500 notebook if the original ram was 1GB PS2100?

Yes, as long as the motherboard is not picky about the RAM, it should work fine, but the motherboard will throttle the RAM to PC2100 speed if that is the fastest it supports.

How do you spare ram from motherboard?

Easy, you do not allow the motherboard to approach the ram. Keep it safe and hidden in a secure location. You must not let the motherboard get to the ram at all costs.

Which motherboard supports core i7 and how much ram will be suitable?

i also think you should have between 4 - 6gb which would run nice and smoothly, check eBay for cheap ram, and you might be able to pick up a cheap motherboard to suit your needs!

Where is RAM located?

RAM is located in the motherboard.

Where is RAM located ?

RAM is located in the motherboard.

Is RAM on the motherboard?

Yes RAM that is used on the computer is integrated within the motherboard itself. RAM is needed to run every application on a computer or web Browser so every motherboard has a set amount of RAM that is integrated within it when it is built. You can increase the amount of RAM for your computer by putting in RAM cards in rectangular expansion slots that are on the motherboard itself.

How much hard drive can a motherboard hold?

The amount of RAM it is made to hold.

Will a regular 1 gigabyte Kingston Ram stick fit into any computer?

This depends on your motherboard. You should check the motherboard specifications to determine specifically what type of RAM you need. Not all RAM is created equal!

Why should RAM be placed in the motherboard?

It doesn't do a lot of good if it isn't connected to the computer.

Will a phoenix 845g motherboard support 1gb ddr2 ram?

I have this motherboard with 1GB RAM but it is DDR. If a Motherboard supports DDR it cant support DDR2.

Should you see speed before buying a ram?

If you are referring to the speed of the RAM, then yes, you should check it before you buy it. For instance, the motherboard that you are using may be incompatable with the RAM you intend on purchasing, and as such, will not work.

Where is RAM installed?

On the motherboard. There are RAM Slots that are clearly indicated on there.

Where is RAM located on the motherboard?

It depends on the motherboard. There are many different types.

Is RAM volatile to the motherboard?

The ram won't harm your motherboard unless it is the incorrect type of ram and was forced into place.Google it first please :D