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How much a 4.2 height child should weigh?


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how much a 4.2 height child weigh


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Race has nothing to do with how much the child should weigh. The child's height is more of a factor than their age is as well. To find out if a child is overweight or under have a discussion with their doctor.

How much should a 52 yr old man weigh height is 6'1

It depends on your height

it depends on many things like their height and if it's a boy or a girl.

It doesn't matter about the weight or height. For safety the child should be fifteen or older.

It depends on their age and height.

it depends on height but a normal model height of 5' 10" or taller should weigh in at 200 or more.

If you are a boy, you should weigh at least 84 pounds.

It depends on your height and what you eat and your age

It entirely depends on the height of the footballer.

You need your height to know.

That depends on your age, gender, and height.

You should weigh 100-175 lbs depending on your height. I am 4'8" and weigh 161.6lbs and my doctor says I am a perfect weight for my height and age.

It dosnt matter how much you weigh at this height but you should be at least 105-110 pounds but it should not matter to one if your confident about how you look

Height does not determine weight. Many children of the same height will vary greatly in weight.

hi ur age does not come into it its weight and your height


this souly depends on your height!

it depends on the height

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