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How much a month would it cost for car insurance on a Honda element?

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To answer that, will need to know in what geographical area, the age and driving record of the primary driver, and the year of the car. All of these will affect the cost of insurance.

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There are many features of a 2003 Honda Element. The biggest features of the 2003 Honda Element would be the leather seats, the radio, and the air conditioning.

For insurance purposes, it would be.

Yes! i have towed many times with a Honda Element. The real issue is weight though and I would not put more then 1000lbs in that trailer.

Now that would depend on how many miles you drive in a month wouldn't it.

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That would depend on your insurance company and what coverage you have.

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Depending on what company you go to, it will be different. Whole life insurance at MetLife will cost you $10/month female and $12/month male for a coverage of $2500. For a coverage of $20,000 it will be$70/month female and $80/month male.

The cheapest option for car insurance would be to go with liability insurance. You can get this for under 100 dollars a month depending on your car,record, and age.

It depends on the type of insurance that is right for you. How much you would like to pay a month, deductible, number of member in your plan.

It would depend on the insurance company. Most insurance companies will reinstate your coverage once you are caught up on your premium payments. You would then just have a lapse in coverage for the month you missed.

The cost of auto insurance for a commercial van would vary on a couple of factors, most notably the distance the van is driven and history of the drivers operating it. Typically, monthly insurance would range from about $100 to 225 per month.

im 18 an own an 08...mines about 270 a month

If you mean mortgage protection it is usually the amount you require per month eg £100 of insurance cover per month might be £6 per £100 for example If you are talking about bldgs insurance then the lender should tell you in their estimation of how much the property would costs to rebuild and you should insure this for a minimum of that amount.

The best time to look for Honda CRV deals would be at the end of the month. Most car salesman work on a quota system and have a certain number of sales they need to make each month, therefore if you go to the dealership at the end of the month they will be more eager to sell you something.

The pricing range of car insurance varies amongst companies. Cheap car insurance would be around nineteen USD per month in a rural area. One would be able to find more information on sites such as Geico.

Family medical insurance is a medical insurance policy thast covers you and your family members under one policy. Everyone covered on the policy has a specific monthly premium that is billed as one dollar amount. For instance, you may pay $100.00 per month, your wife $125.00 per month, your son $75.00 per month, and you daughter $85.00 per month. The bill for the family medical insurance would cost the total of $385.00 per month. As long as everyone is under one plan, the plan will pay the same for each individual person.

Insurance is one of the most important things that every person should have. Insurance is nothing but protection in case of unexpected mishaps. for Ex: if you have medical insurance, if you fall sick you do not have to pay out the full medical expenditure from your pocket. Instead you would have to pay 10 or 15% of the expenditure and the insurance provider would pay the remaining. To avail this service you would have to pay a small fee to the insurance company every year/month.

i have my car insured under my moms insurance. it is listed recreational. it is 55 dollars a month. i have a 97 trans am

You need to call around and get some quotes. If you have been on your parents insurance for a while, let them know that. If you have a good driving record, it shouldn't be that high. I would try AIS insurance or GEICO.

Life insurance: When you want to provide for your family after you die; Renter's insurance: When your personal possessions are stolen from your apartment; Disability insurance: When you have to take a month off from work because of an injury or illness; Liability insurance: When you cause a car accident that injures other people.

www.vehix411.comAnswerI just got my 2003 Honda Element back from having the door fixed, and noticed the airbag light was on. I called the folks who fixed the car, and they said it would have to be reset at the Honda Dealership. I was told they have to run some tests on why the light was on, and the Honda dealership is the only place in town who can do that. Also, I was told that while the light was on, that the airbag would not deploy GO TO WWW.VEHIX411.COM AND WATCH FREE VIDEO INSTRUCTIONS ON HOW TO RESET IT WITHOUT A COMPUTER

The average price for motorcycle insurance will be around 150 dollars a month. The exact price would depend on the driving record and how much insurance was purchased.