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How much a year is 15 dollars an hour?


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$31,200 per year, full time.

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Errr, how about 15 dollars for an hour?

With making $15 every hour, it would depend on how many hours a day you work to find the total at the end of the year.

They make 15 dollars for each hour worked.

They usually make about 13-15 dollars an hour if they have been on the service for about ten years but they can make up to 50 dollars an hour. In the south it is common to make about 21 dollars an hour.

Assuming an 8 hour workday, $120 a day, 600 a week (no weekends) 2400 a month and 28800 a year.

they probably make about 15 dollars an hour

If you are paid for 40 hours per week for 52 weeks in the year then 15*40*52 = 31,200 dollars.

It is 15 dollars per hour! In terms of salary per year, it depends how many hours you work in the year. Assuming you work 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, it equates to $15 x 8 x 5 x 52 = $31,200 per year.

On average, in america, from $10-15 dollars per hour.

15 years old in an unskilled position, minimum wage. About 5 or 6 dollars an hour these days.

15 dollars an hour starting out

15 dollars/hour is the unit rate

Depends on your age. For one or two kids, if you are... 11-12 year old, 2 to 4 dollars an hour. 13-15 year old, 3 to 5 dollars an hour. 16-18 year old, 5 to 8 dollars an hour. This is just what I would pay. Others might not be as generous.

Assuming the following: 40 working hours per week. 52 weeks per year. $15.00 per hour: Answer= 40x52x$15.00 = $31,200 per year.

15 dollars/hour x 40 hours/week = 600 dollars/week X 2 weeks = $1200

That depends on the percentage of taxes.

15 dollars x 40 hours x 52 weeks = 31,200 before taxes

13 dollars an/hour. off duty officer working a special event will make 15 dollars an/hour

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