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How much alcohol must be consumed before it can become harmful to the body?

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It depends on alot of factors. Such as how much do you weigh, are you male or female, do you have any food on your stomach and many other factors.

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Why no alcohol after colonoscopy?

Alcohol shouldn't be consumed a few days before before or after the procedure because alcohol thins the blood which could create problems if an injury and bleeding occurs.

How many units of alcohol can legally be consumed before driving in the UK?

probably about 2

How fast does the body eliminate alcohol?

It depends on specific factors of a person's weight, what they had to eat before and after as well as the quantity and type of alcohol consumed.

Is it harmful to take advil before drinking alcohol?

Usually it is not harmful. Ask your doctor to evaluate the combination based on any medical complications unique to you.

How long does alcohol take for it to be out of your blood?

Alcohol can stay in the system for around 24 hours. However, in order to be safe it's best to wait 48 hours before getting any blood drawn depending on how much alcohol was consumed.

How many drinks before considered alcoholic?

Alcoholism is not defined by the quantity of alcohol consumed. See DSM-V for what is usually used as the official definition of alcoholism. Once you ingest alcohol you are considered an alcoholic

What happens if a person donates blood who has consumed beer 12 hrs before?

If there is any trace of alcohol in the blood stream it is automatically rejected and disposed of

Do athletes have a lower alcohol tolerance?

Exercise increases tolerance to alcohol. This implies that exercising before drinking can reduce its harmful effects. However, it does not necessarily mean that it can make one stronger.

How someone has alcohol breath when no alcohol consumed?

this could be caused by possibly drinking the night before and it still being on your breath or in some cases diabetics can have a alcohol like smeel to their sweat or breath when they are experiencing problems with their blood sugar being extremely high!!

Can you drink alcohol while taking By Mycin?

I have been advised by my GP that it is possible to consume some alcohol while taking By-Mycin, but only if the drug is taken in the morning and the alcohol consumed in the evening. I believe that By-Mycin is an antibiotic and, as with most antibiotics, would have it's ability to perform impaired by the consumption of alcohol. Taking the drug in the morning and alcohol in the evening would give the drugs a reasonable time to have been consumed and circulated by the body before being affected by the alcohol. It is not recommended to take By-Mycin in the evening anyway, so this should fit in nicely with the consumption of alcohol (unless you are an alcoholic).

Is it safe to drink alcohol with having a gastric bypass?

Consuming alcohol is not recommended before any surgery as it will thin out your blood and retard the healing process. After surgery, large amounts of alcohol consumed can prolong healing times, and the thinning of your blood may cause dizziness. Ask your doctor about the side effects of alcohol related to your surgery.

You have consumed alcohol is it safe to carry a baby?

Yes you can still carry a baby, as long as this happened in the first trimester, before you found out you were pregnant. And if you know you are pregnant, shame on you! Never, ever drink while you are pregnant, and cut out that smoking too. The side effects can be life threatening and very harmful for you and your baby. Healthy goes in, healthy coming out.

Does agar have to be boiled before it is consumed?

just put it on the conveyor belt, nothing has to be cooked to be consumed

You have to have a blood and urine test to retrieve your driving licence how long would you need to not drink before getting a clear blood test?

depends how much alcohol was consumed. .5oz / hour

What would 35.7 on an alcohol test mean and how many drinks would that be?

It means the person was very drunk. The number of drinks would depend on how quickly they were consumed, and how long before the test.

Is Alcohol burned up by the stomach?

Alcohol gets absorbed in the stomach walls, but about 80% goes straight to the bloodstream. ANSWER Alcohol is metabolized or broken down by the liver. The liver breaks down almost all drugs into a less harmful substance (metabolite) before it is excreted in the urine.

How many drinks until impaired?

The number of drinks consumed before impairment occurs depends on many factors. These include the time period during which time the drinks are consumed, the drinker's gender. the drinker's size, the drinker's body mass index, and the drinker's experience with drinking alcohol.

Does your body absorbe water when drinking alcohol?

Yes the alcohol causes the body to become de-hydrated so it is very important to remain hydrated and drink plenty of water ideally before, during and after consumption of alcohol.

Will alcohol show up in a mouth swab test if you drank three days before?

In the normal course of events it should not. If alcohol were consumed and then nothing else was consumed (so nothing could cleanse the mouth) and the body were in a state of mild to severe dehydration prior to consumption (completely unable to produce saliva) then it would be very remotely possible that a trace might remain.Basically, the answer is no.

What not to do before a alcohol test?

Drink alcohol

How long does it take to recover from consuming 7 drinks?

While it depends on the type of alcohol you consumed, your physical make up, and the amount of food you consumed before, during, and after the consumption, roughly speaking it will take on average 1 hour per drink to dissipate (be metabolized) from your system. So, about seven hours.

Do pilots get drunk before their shift?

The use of alcohol and drugs by pilots is regulated by FAR 91.17 among other provisions, this regulation states that no person may operate or attempt to operate an aircraft: - Within 8hours of having consumed alcohol - While under the influence of alcohol - With a blood alcohol content of .04% or greater - While using any drug that adversely affects safety

Is it harmful to take Tylenol before drinking alcohol?

Tylenol (acetaminophen) and alcohol together create a serious risk of severe liver damage, or of worsening damage that exists already. Even Tylenol alone can cause liver failure in sufficient quantity. Read the bottle.

Can you drink alcohol before a cholesterol test?

You shouldn't drink alcohol 24 hours before the test.

Do you eat before or after you drink alcohol?

People should eat before and/or during the time they are drinking alcohol.