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Q: How much aloe should you eat and how often should you eat it for heartburn?
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How long should you apply aloe gel to hot water burns?

You can't really use too much aloe - just apply as needed for relief.

How can you use heartburn in a sentence?

If you eat too much of that spicy food you will get heartburn.

Why do you get indigestion if you drink too much alcohol?

Drinking too much alcohol can upset the stomach and digestive system which can often cause indigestion and heartburn.

Where can I find out more about heartburn diet?

Heartburn diet is a very interesting thing. here is a website that will tell you much about it.

What is heartburn'?

Heartburn is a painful burning sensation in the chest. It is often associated with stomach acid in the esophagus. The pain can radiate to surrounding areas. You can take an antacid tablet to stop it but a liquid antacid works much faster.

Why does eating too much causes heartburn?

What you eat actually causes heartburn. Some people get heartburn when they eat Hot Dogs and spaghetti. The process of digestion causes heartburn.

Does aloe vera help cuts?

Yes, aloe vera does help your cuts heal faster. much faster! It works much better than neosporin. If you have access to an actual aloe vera plant that is much better because it is pure aloe vera. but if you do buy it at a store, look for some that isn't diluted by many other ingredients. You should apply a generous amount to your cut several times a day, and you should see it healing up quite nicely in as little as one or two days.

How much is 1200 milligrams of aloe vera juice?

1200 milligrams of aloe vera juice is 1.2 grams of aloe vera juice. If you woudl like to find out about the history of aloe vera see

How often should you recycle?

As much and as often as you possibly can!

How much aloe Vera should you eat per day?

I don't have the answer. Should it be ounces , cup full , pints etc. Maybe i'm too old to read.

What are the most common heartburn symptoms?

Everybody at one point or another suffer from heartburn. Unfortunately, for some it occurs much more often then desired. The common symptom of heartburn is an acidic, burning sensation that occurs slightly above the heart, but under the throat. Sometimes it doesn't last long, other times you need medicine to clear it up.

What does salt do to your heart?

It gives you a heartburn if you eat too much.

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