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California has many different laws on this. It depends on the county and city you live in. For example, in Los Angeles county, there are a lot of cities with a 3% per year increase cap. In other cities in the same county there is no limit, but is considered that 10% per year is the absolute limit an owner SHOULD ask. The owner of every aprtment building in Los Angeles county is required by law to post a city and county registration certificate for all tenants to see. On this certificate is an increase limit if there is one. I don't know about other counties. You can call your local city hall and they can point you in the right direction. And if you think you are being unfairly increased, as an owner I can tell you that YOU have more rights than I do. So if you are a good tenant and like where you live really check into this. Please go onto: TYPE IN: Landlord & Tenency Act in California, United States You will see all the rules and regulations and if you have problems the right channels to go through and the address' and phone numbers. In British Columbia, Canada the rent can only be increased once a year and has it's limits. If a person was paying $550/month and the Landlord raised it to $1,000 that's unexceptable and if reported they would have to give good reason for this hike in rent. Even if the Landlord raises the rent once a year it's can't be raised in large amounts. Good luck Marcy

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Q: How much and how often can your rent be increased in California?
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