How much are Elvis Presley magazines worth?

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It depends on which magazines they are , there age and there condition. Pre 1977 are worth more
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How much is an authentic picture of Elvis Presley worth?

Costs about $50-$250 but the value differs from 5 dollars all the way to 1,000. You just have to know where to look. It can also be up to 1 million dollars! It depends on the picture and where you buy. If its original and signed or something, quite a lot but if its just a picture its worthless becau ( Full Answer )

How much is an autographed photo of Elvis Presley worth from the 1950s?

Answer . \nUnfortunately there is no easy answer for your question. With Elvis autographs, a lot of it depends on what the signature happens to be on. With photographs, it will make a difference in when the picture is from--event, concert, etc. Your autograph will have to be authenticated thro ( Full Answer )

How much is a personal authentic autographed photo of Elvis Presley worth?

A fully authenticated signed Elvis Presley photo can go from $500 to several $1000's, depending on the age, condition and rarity of the photo. He signed many items during his lifetime, but there are many fakes out there. It must be verified by a UACC or other Presley signature expert to be considere ( Full Answer )

How much are 1992 Elvis Presley stamps worth?

Scott Number 2721 Can be purchased for $1.50 mint and .20 used. Dealers seldom buy single stamps. Sheets of mint stamps are purchased at 80% of face value and often used for postage, a 20% profit. Given the collect ability of the stamp subject, I would guess that you could sell the stamps in ( Full Answer )

What is Elvis Presley worth?

Elvis was worth about a million when he died, but today his estate is worth much more. His image has been used and his music played over and over. His former wife and daughter now get the proceeds from these things. I would guess several million dollars.

What was Elvis Presley worth?

"Elvis at his death was worth 5 million. Now graceland is worth 100 million". Salary Elvis: Aloha from Hawaii (1973) (TV) $450,000 Elvis: That's the Way It Is (1970) $500,000 + 60% of profits Charro! (1969) $850,000 + 50% of profits Paradise, Hawaiian Style (1966) $225,000 + 50% of profits Tick ( Full Answer )

How much is Elvis Presley original first vinyl lp worth?

It really depends on a lot of factors. There are several pressings of this album with several notable variations. Of course there is condition to contend with. Take a look at the guide below to determine exactly what you have. Then go to eBay to see what it is actually getting. Generally spe ( Full Answer )

How much is Elvis Presleys Moody Blue blue vinyl record worth today?

Not very much.. Here's why: When the album was originally issued, it was pressed in blue vinyl, to capitalize on the title song. (Moody Blue=Blue record) RCA's original intention was to have first pressings in blue vinyl, then go to regular black vinyl after the initial blue vinyl run was finished. ( Full Answer )

Elvis Presley newspaper What is it worth?

Whether you are talking about the newspaper from his hometown or the tabloid with the photo of him taken during his visitation, you won't get much. A mint condition copy might land you $5 to $10. The copies were mass produced and were hawked everywhere so everyone who wanted one got one.

How much is an Elvis Presley stamp collection 1993 worth?

Scott Number 2721, 2724, and 2731 The stamps themselves in used condition are available for about 20 cents. If it includes Elvis stamps from other countires, it will be worth some more money. Unused or mint, they can be purchased for less than a dollar. Consult a stamp catalog such as Scott's, f ( Full Answer )

How much are 29 cents Elvis Presley worth?

This is a common US commemorative stamp but there are three versions of the Elvis stamp and one is slightly less common than the other 2. If you want to buy just one it will probably cost you from 10 to 25 cents at a stamp store for a used one-- unused, 60 to70 cents. If you want to order it b ( Full Answer )

How much is one 1993 Elvis Presley stamp worth?

Not even the first day covers are worth that much due to there being millions of them being sold. Interesting items that will probably fetch more on eBay than at a philatelist shop/auction.

How much is a 1977 Elvis Presley stamp worth?

There is no 1977 Elvis Presley stamp. There was a stamp that was released in the US on First day of issue: January 8, 1993. It was a 29 cent stamp. There was so many purchased and so many saved by fans that its only worth face value.

How much is an Elvis Presley 25th anniversary watch worth?

Elvis Presley was a very popular rock and roll singer and mostthings associated with him are valuable. The value of the watch isdetermined by it's quality, however it has been sold for 200dollars in good condition.

How much is Elvis Presleys first hit record worth?

On the SUN record label the first "hit" record was released as both a 45 and 78 RPM. SUN 209 That's All Right released in 1954. The guide value around $1200. Actual value depends on condition.

How much is a vinyl record from Elvis Presley Lets Be Friends worth?

Images and descriptions of each of the two that were released during Elvis' lifetime. RCA Camden CAS-2408 Let's Be Friends eBay buy-it-now, any day of the year $10-13 shipped Pickwick Records CAS-2408 Let's Be Friends eBay buy-it-now, any day of the year $5-8 shipped

How much are unused Elvis Presley postage stamps worth?

The value of an unused Elvis Presley postage stamp would depend on the year it was released and the demand for it. The current value of the 29 cent Elvis Presley stamp is approximately 50 cents.

Why is Elvis Presley worth knowing about?

Because as John Lennon stated "without Elvis there would be nothing." He was the breakthrough artist that almalgamated a variety of music genres and paved the way for all other artists to follow. He only lived until he was 42 (died 1977) but continues to outsell most living artists. Elvis is king.

How much is an autographed photo of elvi Presley army picture worth?

It is going to depend on the size and quality of the photograph itself. It will also need to be determined if this photograph is an ORIGINAL and if it has already been copy-written (i.e. someone who owned the original photograph owns the sole rights to its usage. Elvis' Army photographs have been so ( Full Answer )

How much are 1956 Elvis Presley trading cards worth?

The 1956 cards are worth quite a bit actually. Paying anywhere between $10-$15 is where you want to be, if lower, that's great too obviously. The full set of 66, if in good condition is worth anywhere between $1,200 and $1,500. If you have any of the original wrappers, they can individually be worth ( Full Answer )

Do Elvis Presley magazines have any value?

elvis mags any value It depends on what magazines you have . pre death magazines meaning before 1977 are worth more. some of the 1950s magazines are worth $100 dollars and some even more like the magazine Hero or Heel is valued at $2.50 . value of your magazines also depend on there condit ( Full Answer )

How much is Elvis Presley plates worth today?

elvis plates could cost a few bucks depending on how old they are and what condion there in. take them to an antique shop. I want to put in the bradex number and see their worth.

How much is the album Believe of Elvis Presley worth?

I think you are talking about the Gospel Album "I BELIEVE" which was released in 2009 as a CD Box Set consisting of 4 CD's. Currently the Box Set, in good-great condition with all of the original contents, has been selling for $ 25.00 (twenty five dollars US).

How much is an Elvis Presley calendar worth from 2005?

It depends on the manufacture, the condition of each page in the calendar, and if the calendar was an "approved EPE product" (note: It would have an Elvis Presley Enterprises Approved Product white and black oval seal on the back of the calendar). Prices can vary from $1.00 (one dollar) to as high ( Full Answer )

How much are Elvis Presley 1st day canceled stamps worth?

Elvis Presley's stamp is Scott Catalog #2721 and was issued Jan. 8, 1993 at Memphis, Tenn. as a 'First Day Cover' . It is worth $2.00 as a AM cancellation from Memphis, Tenn. Any other city as a PM issue $3.00 . 4,452,815 were issued on that day. Wow! (Scott Specialized Catalog of US Stamps 20 ( Full Answer )

How much is the Elvis Presleys a date with Elvis?

Date With Elvis RCA / Victor (M) LPM - 2011 Disc value $ 300 dollars Cover value $ 300 dollars Alcoa wrap banner value $600 dollars (very rare) value depends on condition

How much is a Elvis Presley pink Cadillac cookie jar worth?

depends on how big you want! small around $40 a BIG one Around $60. but you can get a 10 dollar one at flea markets and yard sales but if you get it off the internet probley around $60 for a small one and $110 for a BIG one!!!! your welcome from answering your questions GOOD bye!!!

How much rca peace in valley Elvis Presley worth epa-4054?

Peace In The Valley RCA Victor EPA-4054 BLACK LABEL DOG ON TOP VALUE $25 DOLLARS VALUE COVER $ 50 DOLLARS if you have the label with the horizontal silver line value of the vinyl is $50 dollars value depends on condition

How much is a 1973 RCA Elvis Presley album worth that is in good condition?

The lp that you are asking about has to be one of these two. They were the only LPs released in 1973 by Elvis Presley. Raised on Rock RCA VICTOR (ST) APL1-0388 disc value $ 20 dollars cover value $ 20 dollars value depends on condition. Promised Land RCA VICTOR(ST)APL1-0873 disc v ( Full Answer )

How much is Elvis Presley commemortive album worth?

Elvis Commemorative Album 2 Lps release date 1978 RCA Special Products (sp) DPL2 - 0056 (E) VALUE OF COVER $ 25 DOLLARS VALUE OF DISCS $10 dollars insert Register Cert of Ownership value $ 15 dollars value depends on condition

How much is a signed Elvis Presley photograph worth from the 1970's?

It depends on if this photo is an original, it's condition, if it has ever been published before, if it is a candid, the size, and the month/year in which the photograph was taken. Values can range from as little as $1.00 to as much as several thousand.

How much is a copy of Elvis presleys 1977 will worth?

There are many counterfeit copies of Elvis' last will in 1977. These don't include the signatures of the witnesses, of Elvis, and of the attorney. Nor are they notarized, and/or certified, copies. These counterfeit "collectibles" are worth approximately...nothing. If you have a complete, signed by a ( Full Answer )

How much is a picture of Elvis Presley in his coffin worth?

Considering that typing "Presley coffin" into Google image searchturns up dozens of hits, I'd say that "nothing" is a pretty goodestimate. If you have original negatives, there might be somecuriosity value to them; if you have the copyright on them, thenthat might be worth something. But the pictur ( Full Answer )