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'Garçon à la Pipe' by Pablo Picasso ($104,100,000) sold in 2004.

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Are Picasso photos worth as much as a painting?

"No, the paintings would be worth more ,because of the material. The photos are not worth as much ,because they are just copies that you can get off the internet as well."

How much did Picasso sell his paintings for?

He did not tell anybody.

How much were Pablo Picasso paintings?

They were alot of money!

Are all of Pablo Picasso paintings valuable?

Anything he touched is worth a fortune.

Nancy bailey paintings how much are they worth?

how much are nancy bailys paintings worth are they worth anything

How much are L Potronat paintings worth?

how much are l. potronat paintings worth

How much do Picasso paintings cost?

In May 2010 one of his paintings was sold for 106.5 million dollars.

How much are john strevens paintings are worth?

How much are john strevens paintings worth

How many original paintings did Picasso produce?

Pablo Picasso paintings have been given many different estimates. It is suggested that in total Picasso created around 50,000 works of art. Out of these it is estimated that Picasso made 1,885 paintings.

How much are Pablo Picasso's original paintings worth?

"How much are Pablo Picasso's original paintings worth?"

What two names did Picasso sign on his paintings?

P. R. Picasso and Pablo Picasso

How much are alejandro hidalgo oil paintings worth?

Answering "How much are alejandro hidalgo oil paintings worth?"

Did Picasso spend time in Mallorca?

I suppose that Picasso was not in Mallorca. But Mallorcan museums have paintings of Picasso.

How much artwork did Picasso do in his life exactly?

Over 25, 000 paintings and sketches.

What name did Pablo Picasso sign to his paintings?

He used the name Picasso

How much are m Chapman oil paintings worth?

M chatman paintings worth

How much is Picasso woman with bangs worth?

Picasso woman bags are worth a lot because everybody likes peanuts

How much is Three musicians by Pablo Picasso worth?

it is worth $21000000

Where could one purchase art by Picasso?

You can purchase art by Picasso at high end auction houses or websites. These paintings are worth hundreds of thousands of dollars and are handled by specialists.

What are cubist paintings?

3 dimensional paintings made by Pablo picasso.

Why are paintings by Pablo Picasso so popular?

The "cubism" created by Picasso was a newer form of modern art. His paintings are very valuable.

What are three paintings of Pablo Picasso?

Three paintings of Pablo Picasso are Three Musicians, Girl Before A Mirror and The Old Guitarist.

What did the siblings of Picasso do?

his siblings drew his paintings

How much are Stephen Tedeschi paintings worth?

How much is a Stephen tedeschi painting worth

How do you find out how much your autograph of Pablo Picasso is worth?

it is worth your short life for you are not important

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