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who cares? the Jonas brothers suck.

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How can you get back stage passes to a Jonas brothers concert?

you either have to win them or pay someone who already has one to get it

Did someone sell their home to the a Jonas Brothers concert?

Yes, the mother of an 8 year old girl, living in Sacramento, California sold her home to buy front row seats and back stage passes to a Jonas Brothers and Miley Cyrus concert on the 'Best of Both Worlds Tour.'

How do people get to meet the Jonas Brothers after the concert?

You either know people or You could of won back stage passes But everyone knows the other one...sneak back stage like a stalker ....which you probably are.

Get Jonas brother back stage pass meld to you free?

They do not sell Jonas brother back stage passes because the Jonas brothers do not think it is fair that some fans get it and others do not

If your at a Jonas brothers concert will they come off the stage?

Yes they may come off the stage but the mast likely one to do it is Joe.

What time do the Jonas Brothers come on stage for their concert?

whenever they feel like it whenever they r ready

Did someone really sell their house to see a Jonas Brothers concert?

Yes, a mother living in Sacramento, California sold her house to her and her daughter could get front row seats and back stage passes.

How can you get in contect with the Jonas brothers?

you can go to www.jonasbrothers.com or go to one of their concerts and after the concert put your name and number on the stage.

How would you be able to get back stage passes to the Jonas brothers?

you can win them from your local radio station or u can buy them.

Are binoculars allowed at Jonas brothers concert?

Yes, I brought one from the very last row and saw like I was on stage with them!!

How do you get Jonas Brothers back stage passes?

In order to get Jonas Brothers backstage passes you have to:Know someone who's an insider with the collision they're playing atKnow the band (or a band insider)Win a contestIt's really tough!!!!!! : /well that does not help :(

Does Joe Jonas get along with his brothers?

Yes he does i met them at a concert back stage they were like the closest brothers sure brothers fight but these brothers find a way to forgive each other instantly

What does honor society sing at the Jonas Brothers concert?

Honor Society has performed their song "Don't Close the Book" with the Jonas Brothers, joining them on stage during recent Jonas Brothers concerts. Honor Society performed this song with Jonas Brothers as early as November 15th, 2008 at the San Diego Sports Arena.

How do you get back stage passes to an A7X concert?

Usually you get backstage passes to an A7X concert when you buy VIP tickets to one of their shows.

How can you get to who Nick Jonas?

You can probobly try going to a concert,try to get good seats!:)Either that or get back-stage passes!:)I'm sorry that's a very out of the range answer!

Has Nick Jonas ever puked on stage?

no one of the Jonas brothers have

What does vip passes do?

VIP passes gets one into exclusive areas, like back stage at a concert.

Is Jonas the Jonas Brothers' stage last name?

go on www.wikipedia.org and type Jonas brothers and that's their real last .name

How much are back stage passes to a one direction concert?

Usually, back-stage passes are not for sale. Unlike tickets (which are for sale), back-stage passes are generally given out to a select group of people, usually close friends and relatives of the band, reviewers for newspapers or magazines, and winners of radio station contests. Often it is the local concert promoter and the local radio station sponsoring the concert that make up the list of back-stage passes.

Did the Jonas Brothers throw up after being on stage?

Yes. Kevin Jonas has had to run of stage and go throw up.

Does Denise Jonas have any brothers?

Yes.. she has a brother named Josh who is also one of the Jonas Brothers Stage Managers.

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