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How much are old Prince records worth?


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Any of the following websites may be able to provide the value of your album:

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The best way to find out how much '78 records would be worth is an auction or even a pawn shop. However, the price would be dependant upon the items' condition.

It depends on what it is, and more importantly what condition it is in. You will need to send time researching each title to get an idea of how much various copies might be worth.

Unless they are extremelly rare, such as it is the only one left , then they will sell for very little

Absolutely. In fact, even though Elton John is still alive, his oldest records are already worth tons, and if they have been signed, they can be worth hundreds. If he dies, these kinds of records can be worth thousands.

Depends on the artist, condition of record and how many were pressed, and how much people want that partcular record.Goldmine is a good place to check prices of individual records' values:

In good condition, a few dollars. As an updated book of records, the old ones are of novelty value only; its the new ones that hold current data.

$1.00-$5.00 should be worth more but not much demand for old records I have a nice copy might be worth more after Willie leaves this world but I would rather have Willie with us forever.

I depends, if it's new or old, and who made it

It depends on the exact title, but realistically ... probably not much. A quick eBay search shows several vintage Disneyland records for as little as $3, and I didn't even bother looking past the first page of results.

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It depends. If it's in mint condition and a collector's record then probably.

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THESE RECORDS are still being made for people serious about sound quality. Old one sold used in good condition range from $0.10 ( ten cents US ) too several thousand dollars depending on how rare and collectible the particular "Pressing" is. A Pressing is a production run.

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